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X Games coverage

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Anybody besides me tired of the #hitty coverage by ABC and ESPN of the Winter X Games?

What could have been some really good footage of Slopestyle, skierX and Skier Halfpipe was crammed into maybe one and a half hours of the Tanner Hall show.

Wouldn't it been better if they showed some of the qualifiers or at least some of the semi finals instead of just the run off of the top three or four skiers. There is a lot more talent out there that we missed seeing.

And, those idiot announcers. I wonder how many Dubes they smoked before, during and after the taping. It's like wow man, that was really sick, i'm stoked man.

Snowmobiling, snowcross and hillcross I can understand as Winter sports, ya, but where the h#ll did motocross bikes jumping gaps come into the realm of Winter sports? You'd have to be an idiot to ride a motor cycle in the dead of Winter. Oh, I answered that question with the word idiot.

I don't know about you but i'd like to see some better coverage next year, and some better commentary also.
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I really didn't watch the X-games this year, and I'm a pretty avid jumper.

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