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Boot selection (stuck in Ohio)

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I'm 6', 170lbs. Size 26.5 (width??). Aggressive level 7 skier. Going fast is the norm. I love to carve and venture off piste when I get the chance. I'm looking to gain more powder, mogul experience in the next few years. I have a fairly high arch, and decent foot width (but not extremely wide). Looking for a fairly stiff boot that will help me get the most control and (as a bonus?) comfort.

I have been to several shops in central Ohio and only one seemed to have semi-knowledgeable boot fitters (not formally trained from what I gather).
I have tried several brands. Two boots that seemed to fit the best were the Dalbello Proton 12 and Nordica SC Ignition. I did a shell fit of the Proton but not the Nordica. I was also able to check pressure points on the Proton, which I forgot to do with the Nordica (my first new boot in almost 13 years, so I'm relearning all this stuff!)

Dalbello Proton: Good, solid fit. Pressure points on the bridge just under the tongue and on both sides of my foot (I'm assuming this will go away when the boot packs out). Other than that, this one fits the best, but isn't as "plush" as the other.

Nordica Ignition: Also a good fit, but there's a definite pinch in the Achilles/calf area. Love the padding on the tongue - no shin pain! Again, didn't get to shell fit or check pressure points. I'm hoping to head back and do that in the next week.

If there are any alternate suggestions I am very open to trying anything and everything. I've tried to do a good job educating myself with the terms and tech, but I feel that my lack of experience with good boots makes it tough to know what I want/need. Also, if there are any good bootfitters nearby I would love to know where they are. Please help! Thanks in advance
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I was able to get my feet measured. 26-26.5, 100mm width, and my arch is about 1/2 inch high. I typically wear a 9.5 shoe. Any suggestions?

It's frustrating not having anyone nearby who knows exactly what they're doing! I feel like the recommendations I'm getting are based on shop favorites, not on what is best for me. I had to ask to try on more than the one boot they tried to sell me.

I'm hoping to get something soon so I have a few weeks to break them in before heading out west, and I don't really want to spend one of my days out there fitting and buying boots! Anyone? Bueller? :
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