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Ski Length for Light Weight Skier

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I am having a hard time getting consistent recommendations for ski length for my son. He is 14 and 5'1" tall, but only weighs 85 pounds. He is very athletic and skies very well (all mountain, fast and in control). He has skied on 138 Rossignol Bandit Jr skis for the past two years. Although the recommendations have been from the 138s to 150s, I don't feel comfortable with the recommendations. The lengths are right at the jump from junior to adult skis, and I don't know if he will be able to flex even a soft adult ski in the 140s.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Where are you skiing?
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Where we ski

SE Michigan on the weekends, CO (Breck, A-Basin, Keystone, Vail) a couple times a year. He skis everything Pallavicini, East Wall,Devil's Crotch, Mineshaft, Horseshoe Bowl, and Vail's back bowls.

But, he boards when he wants to stay with me. I can't keep up!!
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based on his weight, i'd say he just fine with what he's got right now. I wouldnt step up until his weight gets over the 100 lb mark. we went thru the same deliberations when our kids were growing. the truth is they dont really care either way, so save your $$ and just go skiing.
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I too am from SE Mich. Because our runs are so short we tend to use a shorter ski whereas out west the trend is to a longer board. I weigh 190 and love my 155cm slalom skis but those puppies would wear me out if I skied them on a real mountain. As for your son, at 85# I would suggest a 140-148 junior like a Fischer RC4 or a Volkl Racetiger junior, not the cheap skis for $150 with soft edges, for around home and maybe ebay or rent something longer when you go out west.

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The Rossignol Bandit Jr skis were supposed to be a step up from the soft kids skis. The reason for the current change is he needed new boots (his feet keep growing) and the bindings will need remounting. If he won't benefit from new skis, there is no reason to spend the money, but if he will continue to progress with new skis, I don't want to hold him back. But, I am also concerned that new skis that are too stiff will discourage him. What to do?
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I'm sorry. I read right past the 138 Bandits. Unless he is serious about racing, I would probably remount the heel pieces and let him ski them for another year.

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Thanks for the help! I will have the bindings remounted. Hopefully he will gain a little weight by next year so the decision will be easier.

Thanks again!
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At that age if .... if .... you have a good shop in the area that has an upper line of seasonal rental gear that would be the way to go. You may have to hunt a bit ... but even here in the NJ area there are two shops that will rent .......... and make adjustments for mid-season growth, packages like Volkl SL & Lange Jr. Race Boots ... and for not much more than the regular seasonal rate.

Most of the race kids of that age tend to live on their SL's even though they have GS skis .... if your kid is a good strong skier I'd be looking in that direction.

Problem with keeping him on a short ski .. as he gains weight and speed the ski will not support him and tend to kick out from under him in turns. It is indeed time to hunt for something longer. My kid had those same Rossi Bandits when he was eight and they are now "wall art" ... time to move up the ladder a rung.
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