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Very flat feet

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I have read a lot of the threads on flat feet posted here but still have some questions. I don't know a whole lot about ski boot fitting.

I have very flat and narrow feet. I love carving and do shorter radius turns, skis are volkl P60 sc racing. Given my feet and skiing I do quite a few people have recommended that I go to a place that stock Lange.

Previously I have always hired boots (live in the UK so don't get to ski often!) and unlike other people with flat feet, never had any pain. The main problem is that no boot will do up tight enough around the top of my foot, presumably because of my almost total lack of arch. Also when standing my skies are always quite inside edges down, one side slightly more so than the other. Not sure if boots can correct this.

Given that I have been mostly OK with decent rental boots, do I really need to drop the £s on custom footbeds etc? Is it just because I don't know what I'm missing having always rented? I'm also concerned because any shoe that has any arch at all gives me in agony within a short time. No arch support all all I think is much better for me.
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most rental boots are wide, sounds like a narrower fitting boot will help a alot more then a custom footbed.

partial narrow boot list

full tilt
lange HP or WC fit
salomon falcon
most race boots are stiff and narrow too.
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