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Mounting antique skis on wall

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I have some old child's skis that I want to hang on the wall. Any suggestions on doing this without hurting the skis?
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I've mounted a few old skis on the wall using thin wire (maybe stripped out of some electric cable) which you can discreetly twist around a part of the binding, having first twisted the other end around a screw which is plugged into the wall. It hardly shows if you locate the screw just behind the sidewall of the ski.

David, London
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go to the hardware store and get mirror hanging clips. They work great and secure the skis quite well. they just grab the edges of the skis and nothing to block or obscure the view of the ski.
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Here's what i did to mount the skis my father used as a kid in the 40s: placed them parallel to one another at about a 30 deg. angle on the wall...put expandable bolts in the wall at each end of the skis and put the screws through leather straps, holding tips and tails. Then went to a hobby shop and got some leather decorative ornaments, about the size of a nickel, to cover the screws.
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The skier's best friend... Duct Tape.

just kidding

use the mirror clips
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"mounting antique skis on the wall"....I dunno about antique skis...but I try to put my uphill one on first....the bottom one keeps on slidin'....try mountin' them on the floor first...it's flatter!
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Thanks very much! And I love the duct tape idea. Apropos ...
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Dear segbrown,

 I co-own www.VintageWinter.com and we sell antique and vintage skis and collect them for our museum.  Our preferred way to hang old vintage wood skis is to use an old piece of leather.  Start by laying your skis on the ground near the wall you are going to hang them on.  This also helps you visualize the space and layout you like.  Cross the skis, set them in parallel with each other or another fashion you desire.  Then get a piece of old leather (e-mail me if you need a piece and I can mail you one).  Lay the leather over the skis just under the binding toe piece.  Measure the leather and cut to length.  Then have a helper hold the skis on the wall while you screw the first screw into the leather.  Then stretch the leather over the ski and screw the second screw into place.  Then depending on your arrangement, screw in the second piece of leather or continue with one long piece (photos seen in the link below).  If you really want the skis to be rock tight to the wall pre-wet the leather a bit so it will shrink when it dries.

To hang antique skis in a rental I would suggest you either strip the head of the screw with a power drill or use a non standard screw head.  Both are ways that will further deter a wood be thief.  You don't want someone walking away with your vintage ski decor.

You can also go to our site and click on how to hang antique skis for further information. 

Hope this helps...



How to hang Antique Skis.jpg
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 Go to a a hardware store, Lowes, etc. and buy the spring loaded plate (decorative dinner plate) wall mount brackets.

They will hold the skis securely and they will be removeable for cleaning, fondeling, etc.

Plus, they are virtually invisible.
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