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Is an offset stance the solution?

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Stats: I'm 5'11", 155 lbs, somewhat bowlegged (ankles touching == about 2inch gap between knees). Otherwise average feet.

If I stand with feet shoulder length apart, and completely parallel, I stand on the inside portions of my feet, and my knees rotate inward, causing tension in the knees and inner thighs. This sensation is replicated in ski boots, and I tend to ski on the inside edges when skiing flats. (Seems odd to me -- I thought being bowlegged would have the opposite effect). Rotating my toes out to a slightly offset (duckfooted) stance releives the tension, and causes me to stand with more even pressure on my feet.

Does this mean I should be looking for ski boots with an offset stance (Atomic, Fischer)? Are there better solutions? Or does the problem lie elsewhere?

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before you just go looking for an offset boot find a boot that has
the right shell shape
the right supportive footbed
alignment and balance work

then if that doesn't get things going look at the offset boots
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Ok, this is a normal but also complicated situation

In my experience bowed legs cause what I call a "false pronation" the effect is just like pronation. the thing is that the tibia is not straight up and down. It comes at the ground at an angle so the foot sits at the bottom of the tibia equal to the angle of the tibia. This means that if you dangle the foot it will be tilted so the foot is not flat with the floor. So you will obviously be loading the outside of the foot and to get pressure to the big toe side you will have to roll the foot into pronation to do this. So the effect is like pronation but is caused by the tibial curve.

Clear as mud I am sure but the fix is simple the normal "bow legged" needs 4-6 degrees of medial posting under the foot inside the boot to fill the gap created by the leg. This is not a situation that I would suggest an offset boot. the problem is not the foot it is the leg. In this case you will also need to have the boots shaved to get the cuff of the boot to match the shape of the leg as well. Definatly the double whammy.

Do the self test on my web site you will see what I mean.
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