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What Resort around Ogden, UT?

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I will be moving out to Utah near Ogden for work right on the first of the year. Wondering what is the best resort to get a season pass at. Any opinions would help me a lot.

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Most people will probably tell you Snowbasin. I like Powder though...I just think the terrain is more fun.
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I am a big fan of Snowbasin. There is a lot of serious terrain without a crowd. Great for powder even days after a dump. Powder is fun too. I like SB better for a season pass resort. You are only around 45 min. from Snowbird and Alta
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Snowbasin is amazing! There are very little crowds and they have a pretty good snowmaking system whereas Powder has zilch. Their lifts are also some of the best around and their lodge and base area is nothing short of remarkable.
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Snowbasin for sure: the variety, terrain, snow, lifts, and facilities are all top notch.
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It's hard to go wrong either way, but I am in the Snowbasin camp. We just moved to the Ogden area (from Ohio) and one of the 1st orders of business was to get our season passes for Snowbasin. The price is quite high compared to midwest prices, but I feel it is well worth it. They have awesome terrain, limited crowds (especially on Sundays) and fairly nice facilities .
Powder Mtn is also a great place to ski, but I feel that a pass is a better deal at Snowbasin. Powder is scheduled to open for the season tomorrow, where Snowbasin has already been open for several weeks. As previously mentioned, this is due to the snowmaking capabilities of Snowbasin vs. all natural for Powder.
Our plan it to ski Snowbasin as our primary resort and then head over to Powder after the big dumps.
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in march things can go downhill fast, but during a late feb trip to powder mtn, i was shocked how the low pitch, orientation and elevation had turned much of the place to slop. "pick your days" for poweder mtn. and there is no question that snowbasin is the pick for seasons pass.

last saturday at snowbasin, it was ALL season pass holders skiing. (except me, almost). what a friendly place. if you are moving to ogden, you a lucky man, because those people are completely awesome.
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