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Advice needed for SLC off-trail...

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Next weekend I'm making my 2nd week-long trip to Salt Lake City to ski the BCC and LCC reosrts. My Christmas wish is for more snow and more open terrain for those areas...

Last year I got a lot of advice from this forum on transportation and equipment that was very helpful-thanks! This year I'm looking for advice on can't miss off-trail (but in-bounds) experiences at these resorts for an advanced skier (not quite expert). I'll pass if it's crazy steep or the moguls are too big/icy. (Is there ice in Utah?)

Last year two areas where I had lots of fun really stood out: Spaghetti off the Evergreen lift at Brighton and parts of Headwall Forest at Solitude. These areas were different than what I normally ski in Vermont. I also enjoyed some of the really wide open terrain I found at Snowbasin. I was skiing alone and was a bit hesitant to check out some areas and I know I missed out on some great stuff. I spent 1 or 2 days at each resort, and will try to spread it out this year as well.

Can anyone shoot me a few runs/areas not to miss?

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Don't miss on Snowbird:
Under the Gad II lift
Ski both boundaries down on Mineral Basin (they both end at lift nicely)
Try 1200 ft of non-moguls on Primrose Path
Ski to right(looking down) of groomed Regulator Johnson for steep, wide skiing.
Off Gad II go left, left, left, follow the tracks and enjoy "exploration" in the in-bounds lower thunder bowl area and thunder alley.
In Snowbird, keep looking to the sides of the main runs, follow the "tracks" through the tree into the unknown.
Most of the expert gates are quite doable by a seasoned skier but some are risky. check them on your way up the lifts. the Experts Only gates are where it is at at snowbird.

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Catherine's at alta sounds like the kind of skiing your looking for.
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At Alta, I second Catherine's Area, as well as some of the terrain under the Supreme lift, some of it is more difficult that other parts. At Brighton, you should hit up the trees off of the Snake Creek Express lift. The two runs in the trees right off of the top are great, as well as Snake Creek Bowl.
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Since no one has mentioned Solitude, I'll chime in with with Headwall Forest and Corner Chute which are accessible from the summit. Great tree skiing, and usually the last powder stash on the Mountain that you don't have to hike to...
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Thanks for the tips...it is great to have a little guidance!

More questions for you guys: If you have to hike, is the area you are hiking to always considered out-of -bounds? Are hike-to areas ever patrolled? Are you supposed to have avalanche gear for all hike-to areas? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

I wouldn't be against the idea of touring an area with a mountain guide...is this possible? I did this once at Lake Louise and it was a good way to learn the basics of the mountain...and it was free!

Thanks again.
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East Castle at Alta is a fantastic hike. Its long, but gradual, and the view is gorgeous and the snow fresh.
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