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mystery mountain photo

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While digging through and digitizing some old family photos I came across this one. The mountain looked familiar but it took me a minute to recognize because the photo is probably close to 60 years old and I do not see any evidence of even the earliest lifts.

I know the quality of the photo is poor. I'll continue to tinker with photoshop to see if I can make it better. The mountain in question is the one in the background, not the one in the foreground. And the lower part of the mountain is clipped off by the ridgeline. This is a mountain that is often talked about on this site. Can you name it? Some will probably get it right away. Send me a PM. Let the others stew a while.
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Wow! a lot of folks watching the site on Friday afternoon. Rather than reply to all the incorrects by PM I'll post the "NO"s here.

So far 11 correct.

Not Fernie.

Not Jackson Hole.

Not the Gore Range seen from Vail.

Not Little cottonwood canyon (neither Alta or SnowBird).

Not Mt. Hood or Mt. Bachelor. I've only lived in Oregon 4 years. My profile will not help you.

Not Taos.

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I've no idea, but it could be the start of a great quiz.

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The Bird?
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WTFH- Might be a fun game to periodically post photos from around the skiing world and see who recognizes them. I'm sure many of us have stood in the same places on the same ridges but at different times over the years. And I've got many photos of ski areas taken out of the windows of airplanes.

I was spured to post this photo by some discussion of "history" on another thread.

I'll post the location on Monday. Still a few I had expected to hear from but haven't...


PS- Please restrain from posting the guesses here. Send me a PM and I'll continue to edit the number correct and the incorrect guesses in the previous message.
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The mystery photo is A-Basin taken from the top of Loveland Pass. Probably easier to recognize if you drove the pass a few hundred times before the Eisenhower Tunnel was completed.

The slide mount does not have a date on it. There is no evidence of a lift of any kind on Lenawee Mountain and the very top of Pallavitini is visible on the right side before being cut off by the ridgeline.

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