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Boot Stretching Cost

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For boots not purchased from a shop, what are the going rates for stretching boots?
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There is no single answer for this. If you didn't buy a boot from a pro, expect to pay $50 to $125 for evaluation and consultation. That fee is normally credited if you bought the boots from the fitter and usually includes minor punches, grinds and pads. Additional work is sold based on complexity and time. Larger grinds, punches pads to accommodate anatomical anomalies might cost $20 - $50 per adjustment. Boot planing, shimming and alignment work may be $100. Foot-beds are dependent on type and complexity.

Consider these very rough guidelines. Each shop has its own business to run and walks the line between making a decent living, and losing customers to perceived excessive cost. If you look at bootfitting as a time and materials business like consulting, you will probably be pretty close.
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Not looking for bootfitting advice. I will tell them where I want the boot stretched and how much. I just need them to stretch the boot.
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Whether you're telling them, or they are telling you, it sounds like a consultation to me. Its time you pay for. It would be nice if all stores had a menu of service prices like this.
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$60 per Hour is the standard.
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if you go in and ask for work, not analysis, I think a punch is $10-20 per punch (width on both boots = 2 to 4 punchs = $30-50)
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30 pack PBR
works every time
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Originally Posted by artskii View Post
30 pack PBR
works every time
I like this answer. Our shop charges $10 a bump.
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Hey, Fisch, bring your boots north to the Midwest GTG next month and visit Don Orr Ski Haus in Traverse City. They charged me $20 to punch an ankle pocket, punch a sixth toe in the other boot and stretch 'em both. They have a Wintersteiger machine that heats through the stretching/punching devices so the plastic only deforms right where the alteration is aligned.
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Thanks for the offer. I used to shop at the Bahnhoff in Downtown TC.

I drop the boot off this evening. They are charging me $40 to bump out the navicular region. I get a 25% discount off that price as a patroller discount. It may be high, but they will be done tomorrow. I am going to mold my Intuitions on Monday, and hopefully get on snow at Holiday Valley next Wednesday.
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