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Deciding on Skis after demo day

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After getting my boot fitting done, I managed to get up for the Stevens Pass demo day yesterday.I'm not experienced enough to really differentiate why I liked some skis more than others, so I wont waste time in the member gear reviews page, but I'm having some trouble narrowing down what I liked.

Here's a little about me:

31 yo 6' 175. PSIA Level 5+ - 7 (first time back to skiing in 5+ years)
Conditions were mid 20s, overcast, light snow, groomers only, with a soft layer on the top of the groomers (1-inch or so)

Skis I loved:
Atomic Nomad Blackeye (178cm) (can't think of anything I didn't like)
Volkl Unlimited AC30 (177cm) (really quick, fun.)
Dynastar Mythic Rider (172cm - really light, amazing on the groomers for such a wide ski, would have liked to ski the longer version)
Nordica Afterburner (178cm) (did everything well)

Skis I didn't love:
Nomad Crimson (felt more stiff?)
Volkl Mantra (just to big)
Volkl AC40 (hard to say, slow turning?, just didn't feel fun)
Fischer Watea 78 and 84 (least fun skis of the day, had no characteristics I liked)
(all of the above in the 178ish range)

So, I'm trying to figure out how to narrow them down. I'd love some thoughts from other bears...
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OK how about price? In your love list Mythic is new this year, not likely to find a deal yet. Don't know about the Blackeye, Volkl's never seem to get cheap. I was able to get 06-07 ABs new with bindings a couple of months ago for $400.
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That's a great point, I should have mentioned price. The current internet/local price for the 4 is all within $200 of each other... I haven't had a chance to check any closeout prices for 07 models yet.
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Retail ski prices don't mean anything.
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Any other opinions? I'm trying to make a decision soon and I'm still stumped...
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Basically it seems like you will enjoy any of those 4, so find a good price and go ski them. One thing to consider is that skis like the afterburner are good for resale as they never need a remount for a different boot size.
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Both the Atomic and Dynastar are new models this year and have gotten good reviews at our shop. Feedback I've gotten is that if you are on hardpack go with the Atomic, softer snow go with the Dynastar. My personal favorite of the 2 is the Dynastar.

We've got both in stock and can get you a great deal on a package with bindings. pm me if you are interested.
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It sounds as if you have narrowed it down to some skis you like. Assuming you don't want to expand the list (I would recommend the Fischer Cool Heat, Cold Heat, Elan Magfire 12, 888, Head iM78 and iM82, Nordica Nitrous as well) the skis you have listed are all solid. For typical Northwest conditions, assuming you are looking for more of a crud-oriented ski, the Mythic Rider is hard to beat. The Afterburner is a bit more on-piste oriented, but still has a decent soft snow feel, if not the stability of the Mythic. The AC30 is more of a groomer ski and crudbuster, as it is fairly stiff without much sidecut, and the Blackeye is a versatile, carvy all-mountain ride that is good in bumps as well.

Since the skis you have listed are all a bit different in terms of what they are designed to do, I would say to base your preference on what you want the ski to do. If crud performance is #1, get the Mythic. Like a light, versatile ski: get the Blackeye. Like a damp, versatile ski: get the Afterburner. Like a more powerful cruiser and harder-snow ski? Get the AC30. Good luck in your search!
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