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Powder Day coming

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and only in southern NE. WooHoo

Heading out early fri with the kid to get some tracks in on Friday, provided school is canceled.

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No, coming to Western New York too.

7-10 by AM tomorrow.:
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jupp ... and more on Sunday if things pan out.

Looking forward to getting out early today from work and firing up the Husqvarna
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SNE is looking like it will be a blockbuster in the coming days. Just hope us in Michigan can get in on the action. The 6z suite (minus the NAM, but outside 48 hours it is a joke anyways) brings the initial low west before transferring energy to the coast. Snow for all!
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Looks like better snow in southern VT than Stowe . If I was going to Stowe, just to ski on Friday, I would bag it and ski Okemo or even Magic, but since all the Bears will be at Stowe on Friday..see you in the AM. Drive up will be a looooong one.
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