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Breckenridge Instructors

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Will be out in Breck for a week beginning 2/24 with my wife, and I'm looking for recommendations for instructors who like to work with intermediate and above skiers. My wife and I are fairly decent intermediate to lower advanced skiers who are in the same rut a lot of folks get in. Really looking for some good instruction to get us out of the terminal adv intermediate blues! Need help on steeper terrain and the ungroomed. (My wife even more so) Thanks in advance.
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Jon Lawson or John Morris
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I will help anyway I can.

Best Regards,
Jon Lawson
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Jon, are you going to be teaching Big Mountain Experience this year? I enjoyed some of your blogs last year about teaching in Lake Chutes, which I assume were from b.m.e.

I'm considering on splurging on a b.m.e day for my son and me when we are in Colorodo in February.
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thx for reading to blog. Some of those days were BMEs and some were the Level 9 classes I would take out from Peak 8. I look forward to having the snow up there to do it again. Let me know when you are going to make it up, and let's see if we can get you and your son up there.

see you soon,
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