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Anybody from Colorado Springs?

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First off... nice site!

Just moved to Colorado Springs after 10 years in Dallas. Looking for some ski/boarding buds that would like to do some carpooling up to the slopes. With a little notice I can do some weekdays as well.
I'm thinking about signing my son up for a ski program up at Monarch so I may be headed that direction on several weekends. My wife isn't so much into the winter thing so would love to meet up with some like minded individuals that are. Post up here or email if interested. dan_mcquhae@yahoo.com

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and, thanks for flushing?

I might be interested, but I pretty much go everywhere but Monarch.

I frequently pick somebody up in Denver on the way, in which case we go to Loveland or WP if it's the weekend, and Summit county if it's a weekday.

If they can't go, I go the back way, in which case it's hard to drive past Breckenfridge.

Welcome to Epic and Colorado!
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LB- I'm not married to Monarch by any stretch. Just seemed to be a quieter location and good place for the family to learn. Also planning on hitting their cat skiing as soon as it opens up. Thanks for the response and let me know if you want to meet up some time.

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Hi Dan -

I'm not much of an early season skier, but I used to live in the Springs. I skied Monarch, Breck, Copper and The Basin a lot from there. Copper and Monarch are still my faves. Friendly, family-oriented and very workable layouts for both resorts.

(If you Season Pass at Monarch you automatically get 50% discounts on daily passes at Alta. Woo-hoo!!!)

Keep an eye out for the "Let's Go Colorado" threads here. We have quite a few active Bears in this beautiful state.

- KK
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Hit up Monarch on Sunday with my 7 yr. old son. He took first time ski lessons and was skiing down the beginner slope by the end of the day.
Great experience was had by all! Can't wait to try out some of that cat skiing...

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Great! What a super start ... for the season .... and for your son! Enjoy!!!

- KK
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