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So am I but I stretch that 5 hours over 8. Old and in the way........
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Sorry you all, I already booked a room at Judy's Hotel in Bedford. It was getting too late, for comfort. For those of you still looking for roomates, you should post it up here. I've had 3 people ask in less than 24 hours.
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Everybody waits to see what the weather will bring that's why advance planning is always a risk here near skiing's equator. We maybe in for some luck. The precip on Friday and Saturday should be snow. Sunday is sunny day. Keep praying to Ullr.
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I'll be there Sunday with teenage son. Planning on 9am meet in tic window area. Will use 1030 at top of lifts only in case of unexpected delay. I wear an olive green jacket these days.
If for some reason one or two folks need a one-way ride back to DC area around 4pm on Sunday we may be able to help with that.
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I'll be there for Saturday and Sunday. Green jacket silver helmet black pants big smile.
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Driving up Friday night. Defunate Saturday, maybe Sunday half day. Dark Brown and Black Mountain Hardwear jacket, Titanium Leedom helmet.
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I will not be able to make it this year. Probably make it next year.
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Next year, folks.

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Sorry yunz guys can't make it. I know comprex has never been to Blue Knob, what about you Pierre? You'd love the icy bumps on Extrovert, it's as steep as Killington's Outer Limits but not nearly as wide but only about a third as long. Stembogen is usually ice from trail to trail, neither are ever groomed.

Next year I'll be beseeching you all to gather at Laurel. Same drive time as 7 Springs for the Ohio folks and Wildcat too, just 1 degree less steep than Extrovert.

It looks like we're going to get at least several inches of snow tomorrow. I hope there's enough to open some of the glades.
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Looks like I may be postponing my ski day from tomorrow to Sunday. Wife and kids are sick and if I go skiing and leave her at home sick with 2 sick kids I might as well not come home at the end of the day:

I'll be there tomorrow if things improve today, or Sunday for sure.

I'm assuming the same 9am and 10:30 meet up time on Sunday?

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Blue/black Forever Glade runs are open!
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Keep in mind Blue Knob can mess with ptex. You might not want to use your best skis here. I'll look for you all Saturday 9am and same time Sunday hopefully. I'll wear a brown and black coat.
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nice day

Enjoyed that beautiful blue sky day yesterday with you folks! I counted eleven heads in all. May be in touch with some of you for more identifying details as I try to get pics and video up on DCSki in a day or two. From a preliminary peek last night, some of the images are sweet.
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Sorry I couldn't make it. I really want to ski Blue Knob. I have an account at Wisp, next year I will set up a demo at both places.
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Had a great day skiing at Blue Knob with everyone yesterday. Weather was absolutely perfect. I have a nice goggle tan this morning to prove it!

Thanks to all for their hospitality and for not laughing at my feeble attempt to "ski" down Extrovert at the end of the day yesterday! Was more sliding than skiing, but I did survive unscathed

Hope to catch up to you all again sometime soon.

I'll definately be heading back up to Blue Knob again in mid March if the snow holds. I have more six pack tickets to use up, so let me know if you'd like to meet up and ski. Happy to offer the cheap tickets to anyone who can make it.

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I had a great time both days. That was the first time I skied BK back to back days. I'm glad I found the group at the end of the day on Sunday. I should have looked on Extrovert earlier. I'm glad I met you MikeC, too bad it was only for a few runs. Nice meeting Jamesj and son. Perhaps the next time it'll be on the day my family is up to skiing with the big dogs. My son should be whipping us soon but yesterday was only his second day out. My daughter benefited from my ski instructor days and was forced to spend many weekends at Laurel.

Always fun skiing with jimmy and JohnL. You guys push me and that's some of the real fun at these gatherings. It has been many years since I last skied with August West. I thought he would never come skiing with me again after we got lost in the flood at Timberline. Treebarker is my main partner in crime. I kid him about being old but it seems my skills will never match his. There is a smooth elegance to the old Stein style but he really caught on to the new shaped ski technique. He's always been a great skier. As for telerod, well talk about smooth. Just watching him ski one foot drills on his tele-boards is humbling. Rod is always a blast to ski with and he watched out for my daughter on Stembogen and Edgeset when I was being a bad dad chasing fun. Thanks Rod. I hereby dub Johnnys Zoo king of the Ditch. (more on this latter)

Phil, whenever you're out west(ern PA) and want to ski the Knob just give a shout and we'll be there. I'm hoping to hold a gathering at an open and improved Laurel Mountain next season.

I got to give special thanks to my family for enabling my addiction but I've found the best way to enjoy an addiction is to share it. Never mind that they really don't have a choice.

I'm working up a trip report and should have it done soon.
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Pictures of this gathering (with a link to more pics) are at: http://forums.epicski.com/showthread...940#post866940
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Once again the snow gods smiled upon the EpicSki/DCSki gathering. Three inches of deep powder with just a hint of rain crust to make it challenging. There were still untracked lines at the end of the weekend! Anyone that was thinking about coming and didn't should be kicking themselves. For anyone who doesn't love crust on dust, er, I mean powder, there were icy bumps too!

BK is a tough hill. I struggled on my snowboard Saturday and was reduced to tears Sunday when I tried for the first time to teleboard with a lurk instead of ski poles. BK is not the place to try a stunt like that. Traumatized, I may never teleboard again. I kept telling the others to go on, don't wait, I'll go get my skis and find you later. But when I finally got back to the summit, everyone was standing there waiting. Someone said "Hey, I thought you were going to get your skis!" assuming more than enough time had passed for me to do that. No, it actually took me that long just to negotiate the treacherous trail they call "Run Out".

Great group of very solid skiers. It was good for me to push beyond my comfort zone trying to keep up with these fast skiers. Thanks for waiting. Sorry about the whining.

It was nice to see some familiar faces again and to meet the people I had not skied with before. Looking forward to skiing with any or all of you again.

Jerry Garcia used to deny being the leader of the band and LHC (who quotes R. Hunter in his signature line) has a similar leadership style. Thanks Rob for making this happen.
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After a 2 Yuengling break(and it was only 2) I pretty much lost track of the rest of you. It never occured to me that some of the group may be unloading at the mid-station. I could STILL be waiting at the top. Whatever the case,it was nice to meet everybody and a great day of skiing it was. Looking forward to doing it again. Gerard
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Great skiers are measured by the size of their Smile, this was a great bunch of skiers. JohnnysZoo wins the road warrior award, drove all the way from Beckley WV Friday nite to ski w/us on Saturday. MikeC found us Sunday even though he missed both meet ups, must've figured out who we were from the big smiles.

Laurel HC always shows you something out of the ordinary; I remember Saturday standing above the untracked ditch glades, yinz were standing around trying to decide what the crust was like, how the base would be and how much ptex damage your skis would endure........anyways while that discussion was going on Telerod drops in, end o discussion......wonder what happened to the rope across edgeset that conveniently dissapeared on Sunday? Glad i didn't have to butcher my way down extrovert again, the bumps were a bit firm for my taste.

Two days at da Knob, my legs are still sore. Hope this becomes an annual event. Really enjoyed skiing with you all, we'll do it again.
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Enjoyed meeting the Saturday group. Wish I could have stayed longer. Blue Knob has some nice runs. 'The ditch' is truely memorable. My new serrated edges really grip well. Although probably not as well as MarcusFires'. We should all do this again.
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Yeah, it's not always a good idea to follow someone skiing on miss-matched boards from last century into a creek bed. Sorry, Marcus about the core shot(s?). I caught a nice gouge on my brand new K2s on the last run Sunday. Paybacks can be a *****. It runs along the edge some but not to the core. Having skied Edgeset once already, I guess I'm partially to blame, but I think it was irresponsible of the "management" to open that trail.

Laurel Mountain next year!
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-Rod only brings his superb telemark A-Game to the black diamonds. For the groomers he breaks out his gondolier style mono-teleboarding, which you gotta see to believe (he's in the center of the photo with Mrs. LHC skiing Jack Rabbit on DCSki.com).
-I never got to talk to August West (Gerard) about my arthritis. Are there healing properties in Yuengling??
-JohnnysZoo and Marcus, sorry I missed skiing with yunz guys. Murphy's Law for an Irishman with skin problems to get the SPF-45 day, but I won't complain.
-Besides those posted at DCSki and EPIC I have other photos. AW and MikeC - send me a PM with your email and in I'll try to get you the original images starring you.
Photos posted to EPIC:
Different set of photos posted to DCSki:
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