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Mineral Basin opening?

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I was lucky enough to be at Snowbird this past monday and tuesday when the cirque and basically the entire front side off the tram opened up. I'm trying to figure out when Mineral is likely to open so I know when to make the drive over to LCC from Park City. Any ideas?
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don't ask us

12/12: Photo of the Day
All this could be yours, if you come to Snowbird tomorrow. Mineral Basin is scheduled to open by mid-day

not bad, last year i was there when they dropped the roap on MB and this year i made third tram down first little cloud.
I love riding the lifts up when they drop ropes, there is so much hooting and hollering, so much pure joy and ectasy!, people who normally do, just can't help and let it out. Tomorrow will be one of those mornings. People falling all over in 3 ft powder, snow down the shirt. Then, watch the experts.
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Mineral Basin was incredible today. Although, there wasn't a mad dash. Everyone pretty much stood around in disbelief that patrol was actually opening up the bowl. After about 30 seconds of indecision I said f*** it, and dropped in. I was the 3rd person in.
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This sounds promising for tomorrow. How was the coverage?
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Coverage is excellent. Just a few rocks at the very top by road to provo, and some outcroppings lower down that are easy to avoid.
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Man, I'm crying here...

Makes me long for the Utah powder...
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Okay, so 12" overnight at Alta, and another 8-13" today through tonight??

Must be really, really nice right now....
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