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So does anyone have a favorite pair of twin-tips? I'm looking for a new pair after skiing for 10 years or so on regular skis. Right now I'm between the Volkl Bridge and the Elan Zenmaster. Is there any other skis that I should take a look at or will these suit me fine?
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K2 PE. I don't own a pair, but I wanted to say it before anyone else did. They are great skis.
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Where do you ski and what type of snow & terrain do you ski? Also, are you planning on taking the twintips into the terrain park?
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Originally Posted by Rio View Post
Where do you ski and what type of snow & terrain do you ski? Also, are you planning on taking the twintips into the terrain park?
I mainly ski at Showdown, Teton, and Big Mountain. I ski everything from groomed runs to heavy moguls. If I get the twin-tips, I think that I would probably take them into the parks.
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At Bridger Bowl the two most popular twin-tips over the past couple seasons have been the Volkl Karma and K2 PE. This year the Bridge replaces the Karma. Between the two I think the Karma was the better ski technically, but the PE was more fun. My guess is the Bridge will once again be a better technical ski than the PE. The only rap I heard about the Karma was they weren't designed for heavy park abuse. One thing to consider is the Bridge is a hot ski around here so discounts will be hard to find where as the PE has been around for a while and you can find last year's model cheap on the Internet.
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I skied on Rossignol Scratch Pros for years and I have nothing bad to say about them. I bought Bluehouse MRs for this season and I'll see how they are. I was going to go with some Armada AR6s before the Bluehouse deal came out for all mountain as well as park. What length and width are you looking for?
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The Karmas were a great ski. I haven't spent much time on the Bridge, but I have heard that it is equally impressive. The PE is my favorite twin tip with the Line prophet 90 running a close second; actually it is a toss up between the two. The PE handles moguls well despite the fact that it is 85mm under foot. You might want to consider something in the 90mm+ range depending on how many powder days you get. I am guessing based on the areas you mentioned that you get several a year. Take a look at the Volkl Gotama and the K2 Seth. Both are serious contenders in the fatter twin market. I like last year's Seth better than this year because I felt like it held an edge on hard snow better than this year's.
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Own Karmas, and think they are splendid. The PE is equally good. I'm curious to see how the Bridge works out but I think it will just be the Karma reborn. (just hopefully a little more float...)
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Favourite twin tips? I have the original Salomon Pocket Rocket for powder and spring slush, Dynastar Troublemaker for everything else, Rossignol Scratch Sprayer FS for my "rock" ski, and a brand new set of '06 Dynastar Big Troubles that I'm itching to try out. Don't really have a favourite as each ski has it's own unique feel and characteristics.

Demo if at all possible. When demoing, ask the ski tech if the skis have been recently tuned. My son and I demoed the Head Mojo 80 and 90, which we expected to love due to all the rave reviews, but found we didn't like them at all. I have heard similar complaints from other skiers. It seems that maintaining a proper tune on demo skis is often overlooked. Dull edges, deep scratches in the base, and no wax will make those fancy new skis feel more like 2x4's.
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Prophet 90's should be good at Big Mtn
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Given your reference to wanting to ski in the park, I would give some thought to the PEs. I own the Big Troubles Volkl Karmas and love them, but I am not a park skier, so I cannot speak to that. As for the Prophet 90s, great ski but more of a directional twin. The BTs and Karmas are both great all rounders.
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Volkl Bride, K2 PE. Those cant really do you wrong
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K2 Pe for a narrower waisted twin.

Gotama/Seth for a mid fat twin

Thug for a superfat.

You can get 179cm PE for 236 off of for this price there is no better ski out there.
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I'm thinking somewhere between 170cm and 175cm. I'll get something that will be good for all-mountain cruising along with going into the park a few times. So far the only skis that I have looked at are the Volkl Bridges and the Head Mojo's. Once I get back to Montana, I'll start looking at better places instead of North Dakota where the biggest ski area is around 200 feet.
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Another vote for PE. I also have Troublemakers if you want someting a little narrower waisted.
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Stinger -

The Mojo 90 is a very good option. Heads are harder to find in Montana than Volkls and K2 but worth looking at. The Mojo's biggest rip is it doesn't do boilerplate which isn't a problem in Montana. They are a very balanced ski doing many things well but not really excelling (or faltering) at anything. Personally, I would pick the Mojo over the PE because its a better cruiser ski on groomers. I would also pick it over the Karma because its much more fun in moguls.
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