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Hi all, I ordered a pair of Dynastar Exclusive Legend 152cm 2007 (orange top sheet) from an online ski store. I received the skis yesterday.
I noticed along couple areas of the ski (more on the side of the nose/body part) there are some area where the metal base (or edge) is separated from the top sheet by a very small space (micrometers). And there are other areas where the metal and topsheet are connected with no separations at all.

I know couple of the members here own their own ski shop. Is this something you see on skis from time to time? And can you explain why there is such "space"?

If this is a problem, can someone direct me to how I can get this exchanged? Through the online store or through Dynastar? Since this is a brand new pair of ski still in wrappers, and the store ordered directly from Dynastar, I would think the company would be responsible.

Your help is greatly appreciated!