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Utah Dec. 6-11

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Dec. 6 at Alta. Was depressing as basically 2 trails open on junk conditions. Then storm started hitting. Was heavy wet snow at first, then got drier. Main problem was finding much open. The last day at PCMR was probably best due to variety of terrain available. Bottom line, snow fine, but really needed more terrain to be entertaining for a whole day. The PC areas and Snowbasin probably need at least another 3 feet of snow. I've got another trip with teenage boys on Dec. 29. Hopefully, they get.
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Sorry to hear about the sub-par conditions. It could be worse-you could be going back home to New Joisey:
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Steve; It's too bad-there wasn't much open here at PCMR until last weekend, and then it's been a little terrain at a time opening every day, with a powder shred fest that lasts about an hour or two and then is over. The resort won't be up to speed until the big groomer/cruisers are open and the back bowls.
The 29th should be better, of course, we hope. I'd like to hear a report about DV. They don't have a lot of rocks, make snow like crazy, have fairly steep fall line goomers, plus decent chile. Beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick...
Of Canyons I've heard no news.

Goin' home to Maui can't suck. This trip must be like traveling to surf and it's flat.
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I feel your pain, I was out over Thanksgiving and had 4 groomers to pick from. I haven't seen the Wasatch that bare in late Nov for a long time.
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No GT?

So I guess you didn't attempt the trip up to Grand Targhee??
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I was on the edge of cancelling, but made the right choice because of the imminent snowfall. I skied Alta on Firday Dec 7th and although only Collins & Wildcat were open, basically everything was skiable, all the goodies in Wildcat, under the lifts, the nooks and crannies were all covered, although unseen lurkers did exist and a "light touch" was necessary on some of the barely covered rocks. There was at least 24" of fresh snow and it snowed all day long, sometimes quite heavily. Ony Sat Dec 8th, we rode up to Snowbasin and rode the Needles Gondola all day. Most(75%) of the the upper mountain, accessible from Needles, was open and quite skiable "off-piste". The nooks and crannies on the lower 1/2 of mountain were closed. It was a very soft day, all day long, finally found a few moguls at about 3p, and numerous fresh pow lines along the sides and in the gullies and backsides. Sunday Dec 9th, we got in line at 8:30a but only had 3rd Tram up. Fresh lines were still available with traverse along little cloud in the mid-thigh virgin snow. Skiing was still limited to the Gad side, and I am glad I made the choice to spend Friday at Alta. Oveall, this was the 2nd year I made the 2nd weekend of Dec trip, and I am putting it on the calendar for next year. Both of these year were terribly low in normal snowfall, but mother nature persists in the LCC. Now I can sit comfortably, and relax for my late Feb SLC trip, in the meantime I'll have to be satisfied with xc skiing.
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Never made it to Targhee. In retrospect, should have gone day we arrived. Each day got better as more terrain opened up, but first few days didn't have much. By time we realized that, storm was hitting and we thought drive up to Wyoming would take 10 hours. I think they closed I-80 in Wyoming at some point due to no visibility. In any event, the terrain that was open was fine and food and wine were good at lunch. I go back in 2.5 weeks. So far forecast looks ok for more snow.
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Don't blame you for not attempting that drive in a snowstorm. Son and I are flying out Sunday to GT for 3 days of skiing. I'll let you know how it is for future reference. Hope your trip in a couple of weeks produces better skiing for you.
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