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Boot Flex Question

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I've looked at several threads on boot flex but I'm still not sure what boot flex is best for me. I am an advanced skier, 5'-8", 145-150 lbs. I found some boots which I really like the fit of (Salomon Impact, size 25.5). The 10s (110 flex) I can flex with effort in the store, but they seem very stiff out of the freezer. The 9s (100) I could flex pretty easily in the store.

I've been in an arthritis induced skiing coma for several years and now I come out of it and things seem much different. I heard that boots don't need to be as stiff nowadays due to the shaped skis. Anyone have any idea which would be better for me? The store did say I could try them out and exchange them if I didn't like them.

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doesn't really answer the question, but you can remove the rear screws on the back of the impact 10's to make them softer.
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Difficult to say, but I disagree with comment on boot design changes due to ski design changes. I am unaware of substantive boot changes over the last 30 years. Stiffness depends on height, weight, speed, consistency of terrain and your preferences.

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