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Dalbello Krypton guys...

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I'm thinking about finding a new boot. My last boots were the following (oldest to newest): Nordica Grand Prix 80, Salomon Force 9.1 Integral (piss yellow, but so comfortable!), Salomon Performa EXP Equipe, Nordica Beast 10, and now Atomic M10.

I'm very interested in the Dalbello Kryptons (Pro & Rampage seem to be the big sellers), but not sure which model would be the best for me, so before I go out looking I thought I'd get some feedback here. One of the things I find most intriguing are the interchangeable tongues, which I think would be nice (if they really make a difference), as I would us ethe softer ones out west, and the stiffer ones on the icy stuff here in MN. Are they really that good/different? About me:

*Ht: 6'
*Wt: 185#
*Skier type - agressive, but backing off a bit to the "enjoyment" level. No cliff hucking, but I like to get off the groomers if I can. However, I do spend most of my time on the icy slopes of Minnesota. Probably a level 8 skier - only real problems I have are bumps -- but I'm trying!! I don't ski in the park, but my current preference in skis are twins - I love how forgiving and comfortable they ride. I miss some of the icy edge grip, but I am willing to forgo that for the "fun-factor" of the twins.
*I like a solid feeling boot, but not a rock. Moderate flex in the 90-ish range. I'm thinking as I spend more time off the groomers, I'd like something that is forgiving but solid. Lots of adjustability, but once dialed in, nirvana! I haven't found that yet.
*Problems with past boots: cold feet, slop in the ankle. To get something to fit well, I usually end up with crunched toes in order to isolate my ankles, or I squash my instep - OUCH!

Any thoughts out there? Thanks!
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I would say the Pro because you get the two tongues. The main this is fit, if they fit you, they will be a great boot. The flex is smooth and progressive, some people bill them as being soft, but it is inherent in the design and with the boots being laterally stiff, there is no worries. Make sure you get the ID liner.

I will be posting a review of the IL Moro and how it compares to the Pro after this weekend.
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As I'm sure you are aware from all the info on this site, the Kryptons have a rather unique fit and seem to work best if you have a foot that is not too wide and does not have a high instep. If you haven't done so yet, I suggest you find a dealer and try one on to see if they are even an option. Your mention of squashed instep is not a good sign. If it looks like they'll fit, as Phil pointed out, the Krypton Pros come with two tongues and two foot beds, as well as forward lean and stiffness adjustments, but other Dalebello models do not.

The softer footbeds might be just the thing to take the edge off that mid-west ice. I can attest from personal experimentation that the two tongues plus flex adjustment lets you dial in the stiffness over a very wide range. "Forgiving but solid" pretty much characterizes the Kryp Pros.
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ALL good info, guys. With current health issues, the "shock absorbing" insloes might be handy.

As far as the liners, can you tell me just a bit more about them? Is the ID liner as durable as the standard liner?

I've been reading about them all night, and they really look like they could fit they bill as I'm growing weary of "detuned race-style boots". I'm just kinda getting in gear with the whole freeride deal, as I think they are really on to something in the ways of performance and comfort. I'm not looking for an "all-powerful" carver or anything along those lines anymore. It's just not worth it to me any more. I've carved enough - now it's time to have fun again.
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I have been in Thermo/ID liners for 12 years. I still have my first pair. They are much more durable than a traditional liner and they have a huge benefit in that they can be remolded if they "pack out".
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I spoke to a guy last night that pimps the Kryps - he's been waiting for some to come up on pro purchase for quite a while I guess, but was pretty sure that I'd like the fit of the Kryp to my Atomics. I think the fact that it'll hold my ankle/heel in better is almost worth the cost of admission. That's been my problem for years, and like mentioned before, in order to really isolate it, I had to go with a boot that was so small it was ALWAYS uncofortable. Not good.

I'm kinda leaning toward the Pro now, although the Rampage could certainly work as well if I don't need the stiff tongue. Not sure if I'd miss it or not... Forward flex has never been a big deal for me, and if I'm not into laying arcs, I think the softer flex will be fine, as they look like they're laterally pretty stiff. Then again, if I get the Pro, I won't have to worry about it. I'll have to go try a pair on and see how my "first impression" is.

The shop that has them in my area doesn't have the ID model unfortunately, but I doubt I'll buy them from this particular shop anyway. I'll just see what I need to do about sizing, and then "think about it". Shitty thing to do (sometimes), but they have been a little less than friendly and helpful to me the last couple years - their loss. One thing I can't stand - a shop that TELLS YOU WHAT YOU NEED when they know nothing about you, and don't really listen very well either...
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Don't know about the Rampage, did it replace the Cross as their park/pipe boot? The Pro and Cross were the same shell with the Cross coming with just the shock absorbing foot board and the soft tongue, and the Pro coming with those and a stiff tongue and hard foot board. I've skied the Pro with all combinations of the above. Mine fit was so tight the dealer suggested the softer foot board, which did give me just a tad more room, but I liked the solid feel of the stiff board better for carving. I think someone on the site (maybe Phil) said they use the soft board on eastern ice but switch to the stiff one when they come out west. The option of buying the Rampage or Cross and buying an extra stiff tongue might be the cheapest way to go, but they may not have all the adjustment options of the Pro.
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