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Boots ?

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Are most boots generally the same in the price range of $600- $900.?

In this range is it not the boot that is the most comfortable.?
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That price range includes the upper end of most manufacturer's boot lines. The plastics and liners tend to be superior and the hardware is highly adjustable including things like adjustable buckles, cuffs, forward lean angles and sometimes accommodation for pronating stance angles and padding in the the footboard. That said, the fit of boots in this price range is all over the place with narrow to wide lasts, low to high instep and different cuff configurations. Comfort is dependent on how the shell fits and is formed with the liner. This may require customization. A properly fitted boot should feel comfortable to you even though it fits closely. That same boot probably won't work as well for anyone else.
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This is an odd question. If you mean "do you have to spend between $600 and $800 to buy good boots" and "within that range, should I just buy the most comfortable ones?", I'd say the answer to both is "no".

That's definitely a very realistic price range for some very nice boots, but "most comfortable" may mean very different things to different people. Try to find a bootfitter who can help explain (and demonstrate) which elements of fit are more important than "comfort" in the boot (I mean that "comfort" in a boot does not mean the same thing as comfort in a slipper, or in a dress shoe, or a basketball shoe, etc... On the other hand, if you know how ice skates fit, and can relate to that form of "comfort" (snugness, etc), then you might have a good sense of it already).

For the pricing, you can find good boots for more, and for less, than that range. And this year's $800 boot could be next year's $500 boot, so it really depends on a boot-by-boot (or is that "boot-by-foot") basis?

I'm new to all of this, too, so this is just my $.02 based on the knowledge I've gained by asking questions and reading here...

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Some factors to consider might be:
* Shell fit
* Cuff angle
* Sole angle
* Stiffness
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