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Bad experience with Vail property rental company

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I just wanted to inform everyone of a bad experience we had with Vail Valley Real Estate Brokers (Vail Valley) while trying to plan our upcoming March vacation to Vail. After much internet research in October 2002 we placed a 50% deposit down with Vail Valley for a 4Br 4Ba penthouse unit at the Marriott Mountainside in Lionshead.

We thought everything was fine until mid-January when Vail Valley notified us that the owner of the unit had promised the unit to some of his friends for a portion of our stay. We began to discuss some other housing options including staying at other equivalent properties. However, after 2 days of discussion Vail Valley mysteriously decided to just refund our deposit and refused to help us find housing of any sort. They did not offer any compensation of any sort and didn't even offer to give us interest on our almost $3000 deposit which they held in an interest bearing escrow account. They simply wiped their hands clean of the problem and pocketed the $50 in interest that accured on our deposit.

So, we were left with airline tickets and no housing with about 1 1/2 months until our trip. Fortunately we were able to find housing similar but not quite equivalent. If you're going to be planning a trip to Vail, I would certainly recommend against using Vail Valley Real Estate Brokers.
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Bummer, the deposit is for sure in a ballpark where you can expect professional handling of the issue! Glad to hear you could find other accomodation, so i hope you don't consider the following Q: tacky:

I did a little math on the Escrow account $3000 for two months with $50 yield translates to 10% interest rate on a (i assume) money market account. Where do you get this kind of interest rate these days? : "Looks like we have a winner here"
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Unless I read it wrong, it looks like the time frame was a little better than 4 months. [img]smile.gif[/img]
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Feal, correct, i skipped that [img]redface.gif[/img] . Hmm, 5% is still not bad these days.
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It sounds like they dropped the ball with your group. I work for a property manager here in PC, and I know that owners can sometimes totally screw things up. Anyway, our policy is to always attempt to find alternative accommodations for our guests and if that's not acceptable we would then refund your deposit - which for us is only a night or two's rent. I don't recall that we have ever reimbursed the interest, but it wouldn't typically amount to much, especially since we can usually figure out how to accommodate displaced guests and avoid refunding.
Good to hear you managed on your own though - I bet the skiing is/was great since it's awesome here right now!
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Yup, I figured about 4 months at 5% APR. Eventhough the interest may not be that much, $50 still buys something, even in Vail.

The rental company offered only 2 properties that, for a number of reasons, did not work well for our group. After doing a bit of research on our own we found some properties that would work very well and that were in the same price range as the properties they were offering us. For some unknown reason they were completely unwilling to secure those or any other properties for us. We even contacted the owner of the rental company. He was of little help, except for some comedic relief. He was the only one to offer any apology but it came as the following: "Sorry for any incontinence this has caused." What really upsets us is the fact that they were completely unwilling to put any effort into correcting the situation. So, we've filed an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau, the CO Attorney General's office and the Vail Valley Chamber of Commerce. I don't know if anything will come of it, but we felt it's probably the only thing we can do to notify other potential consumers of this companies business practices. So, if you're going to work with this company, let the buyer beware.
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Originally posted by Prosper:
"Sorry for any incontinence this has caused."

Prosper, didn't we warn you months ago not to bring your group to Vail? In addition to liftlines, $12 parking, and overpriced food and accommodations, now you have to worry about your evacuative functions!

It's nice to know that one can become a success in the U.S. while making gaffes like these. Do you have that line in writing? It would be tempting to fax that all over town. That'll teach 'em to mess with the Windy City!

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We do have it in writing. The owner sent it to us via e-mail. We already distributed it to all the members of our group (10 in total). We did get a good laugh at it. That's a good idea. Maybe we'll post it all over town while we're in Vail to show them how pissed off we really are (that's deliberate, fully in control pissing).
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The rest of the story...

I met with Prosper the other evening at the place they ended up staying at. A very nice place in Vail Village, but not as much room as the original place booked. And with the size of the group(in-laws, friends,etc) he had, they really could have used the space (lots of kids). We sat around and chatted for probably an hour and a half, maybe two hours.

Skied with Prosper for a couple of hours on Wednesday, just before he had to leave-. A very good skier, we plowed through the back bowls in the spring slush (it's been really warm the past few days) and some cooler snow on the front side. Straight Shot, Forever, Snag Park, Milts, then up 17 heading for Ghengis. But we never quite made it!

Some interesting situations occurred along the way which I'll let Prosper himself describe, cause I'd rather not embarass him.

I really enjoyed skiing with him, he's a machine, just keeps on going, with very few stops! Just chugged right through anything in front of him.

Great time, Prosper! I look forward to skiing with you again!

OK- Prosper- tell the good people what happened.....

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