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Stevens Pass?

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Has anyone been to Stevens yet? I see they have a small base and much of the front side open. Is it worth taking the kids up this weekend?
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I was there today. The base is in "OK" shape for early season. Most of the front side groomers are skiing pretty well - but coverage is still low & there's the odd rock & bit of brush. If you aren't careful, you'll get a few dings in your edges. Nothing 5 or 6 more feet of base won't cure It was virtually empty today.

Skied about the same on Sunday. Crowds were moderate.
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Thanks, Spindrift. That's about what I thought it would be. Shouldn't hold us back from taking our first turns of the year. Looks as though we're expecting some snow over the next few days - not holding my breath for five or six feet though!
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