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Am I that far out of touch?

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Just curious if there’s something wrong with me or if others agree?
I know this after the fact but it’s still bothering me. Did anyone see skiing magazines top 60 resort guide? In it, it listed Tremblant as the number one ski resort in the east.
#1 third year in a row? For those of you who have skied Tremblant I am curious to see if you think this is a good call? I personally have skied there and while it was a great village, lots of nice 5 star French restaurants. The mountain there lacks diversity, challenge , snow, and excitement. But because of nice accommodations and fancy restaurants, it takes first place? I thought that the skiing was most important and that every thing else comes second, an add luxury. I thought it was every skiers dream to heli-ski in Alaska. No fancy restaurants there. Only thing there that is 5star is the mountains Am I way off the mark or do others feel this way?
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why do you suppose deer valley gets #1 overall?
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I don't work for the media nor am I some conspiracy theorist but I think that any magazine of any genre that prints a "best of" list is going to be signficantly biased towards its advertisers.

They'd be stupid not to! I've never seen a magazine's P&L but I'd be willing to bet that a much larger portion of their revenues come from advertising than from subscription or newsstand sales. That's why most mags virtually give them away ("three free issues!"..."75% off newsstand price!"). They money comes from the advertisements, not the cover price.

If that's true, then they'd be daft to print ANYTHING that speaks negatively about a major advertiser.

I wouldn't be shocked to learn that the resorts pay the magazine directly for where they wish to appear in the "best of" list.

Didn't mean to get off on a rant here but I work in the consumer products industry and I've become a bit jaded after discovering what a few million dollars in advertising will buy you.
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Both DV and Tremblant have factors that bump them up in the rankings a lot that have nothing to do with the actual skiing experience. They ended up the #1 ranked resorts because they offer the best overall destination-vacation weeklong experience for the entire family (including non-skiers who got dragged along for the trip). For folks who think that the skiing is what a ski vacation is really about other factors are more importaint, so that's why we go to other resorts.

Wish they'd rank them by audience. Best for skiers. Best for gormands, Best for drinkers, Best for families with smallfry, Best for families with teenagers, etc.

But that would avoid that all importaint "best overall" that marketers so desperatly crave.

Have a good one.
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Tremblant, just like french cooking. A little fish with a lot of sauce!
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Are you refering to "SKi Magazine's Annual Listing of the Best Ski Resorts for Non-Skiers"?

What do you expect from the "Ski Magazine for Non-Skiers"?

...Sorry, I couldn't resist.
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Tremblant is expensive and way too over crowded. The only time I like to ski there is right when it opens, because you don't have to ski around the tourists.

Number 1 in the east for me is a toss up between Sugarloaf (excellent terrain but bad lifts) and Jay (excellent glades/off piste and snow but groomers seem to lack.

You have to look at who the mags are selling to. They are not selling to the die hards. They are selling to average Joe tourist who wakes up late, ends early and then wants to throw a little cash around.
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I think it's great that mediocre mountains get the best ratings, and therefore the most vacationers, hehehe....
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by ryan:
why do you suppose deer valley gets #1 overall?<HR></BLOCKQUOTE> That's apples and oranges. Deer Valet has superb skiing. Sure, it's not oh-my-gosh steep and it only gets half the snow of Altabird but I'd argue that their tree skiing is the best in Utah. Even better, the Bogner people don't ski on powder days so it just doesn't track out. I'm always entertained skiing there.

Tremblant is a Whistler-style monster base village looking for a ski resort. They get squat for natural snow so it's just a sea of boring groomed snowmaking trails... Okemo with Poutine (Quebecois for french fries with gravy & melted cheese curds).
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GeoffD, you beat me to the punch. I second that DV has great tree skiing. You could spend a whole week there just skiing the untracked in the trees. And the bumps are good too. Oh, and the food's okay.
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Advertising dollars probably have a lot to do with it, but for the overall resort experience Tremblant is still among the top 10 in the East, no matter how you look at it. My only problem with Tremblant is that it is too crowded. Other than that, I cannot complain because it is the best I've got within a 6 hour drive.

Shows you how desperate we are here in the East. :
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