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I didn't want to hijack Mom's thread so I'm starting one of my own.

I just got some new boots and have skied them pretty hard for five days now. The boots are Head S13's in a 27.5 shell. They came with the inner chassis, which I left intact to start out.

The boots felt very snug (okay, pretty tight) in the shop but I know from experience that I tend to loosen liners after skiing them, so I left everything as-is and skied them.

End of first day, both boots felt very tight still and I was glad to take the boots off.

End of second day, the right boot (that one that always used to be my larger, more problem-prone foot) was starting to feel tight but manageable, but the left foot still felt very cramped.

End of third day, right foot approaching perfect, left foot going tingly on the bottom of the foot from just in front of the heel forward to the big toe and the one next to it.

Beginning of fourth day, I took out the inner chassis of the left boot and cut off everything that extends along the sides of the foot forward from the heel. That seemed to help a little, but by the end of the day the base of my left foot was almost numb. (Right boot perfect, btw.) At that point, I took the left boot to my local shop, Teton Village Sports, and they did a moderate blowout of the sixth-toe area.

Beginning of the fifth day (today), I put the boot on and it still felt very uncomfortable. I could tell it was better since the blowout but my foot still got extremely sore, to the point that I quit in the middle of the afternoon. Right now, three hours after skiing, the bottom front half of my foot is still pretty numb. I left the boot at the shop and they're going to widen the big toe joint area and we may take a hard look at my insoles.

So that's the background, here's my question:

I've never had numb or tingly feet before. By trying to "break in" that boot before any modifications, do you all think that I've done any lasting damage to those nerves? I know that you boot folks probably aren't doctors and it's very hard to make a "diagnosis" based on what I'm telling you over the internet, but Mom's observation that her foot was still tingling months after the ski season has me more than a little concerned.

I have a perfectly good pair of boots (Tecnica Magnesium Diablos) that fit like slippers, ski pretty well, and have never caused me any problems. I'm thinking I should go back to skiing those until this numbness thing goes away (hopefully). Is it likely that continuing to try to make the Heads work is just going to aggravate an already traumatized foot and it might never heal if I keep incrementally trying to make the boot better?

This is frustrating because I absolutely love the way the right boot feels and I really, really like the way the Heads ski. So a final question that's not entirely frivolous: have any of you ever worked with anyone who's worn two different boots e.g. the Tecnica on my left foot and the Head on my right? Would that just be a nightmare waiting to happen.

Thanks for any replies. I'm a little perplexed right now.