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That's not my point exactly, but partially. Although I subscribe to the "lighten up" point of view, I also subscribe to the point of view that there is a time and a place for everything. The place for this stuff is in Random Humor, and the place for the archaic point of view regarding matters sexual is in history - PAST history. In short: GET REAL!! Lighten up. And put posts in the appropriate department.
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Speaking of a bunch of stiffs...
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SoCalSki:
Considering the fact that you're original screenname was SnowBJ and you didn't realize how it was going to be interpreted, I think you might be a little bit behind the times with your attitudes towards sex. Remember that thing called freedom of speech? Yes it means that you're allowed to say or do pretty much whatever you want, but it also means that everyone else gets that right too. Sure, you might want the government to legislate this company's logo out of existence, but what happens when someone else decides that you're doing something offensive (e.g. wearing a skirt above the knees, wearing pants, speaking in public, etc)? The cost of free speech is that we're all going to be offended by something at some point in our lives. We just have to recognize that and refuse to support those that offend us. So, don't go buying stiffy boards for your kids.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

Do I sound that much like a prude?
Actually if my friends and co-workers saw these posting they would be laughing and asking me when did I became a goody goody? I guess being a mother of young childern makes me want to protect my girls better then I can.

I much better informed then you think.. I just SUCK at typing. :

Oboe is right this is skiing not sex ed.

I still think its wrong to use sex to sell stuff, but thats life.
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SnO Eagle #:
I still think its wrong to use sex to sell stuff, but thats life.<HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

I agree, but since Eve used it to get Adam to eat an apple...


P.S. This is meant as humour. Please accept it as such.
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you say this sort of offensive, crude, and thoughtless cartoon was on an advert. for a snowboarding competition?
You don't say.... :
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<BLOCKQUOTE>quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by SnO Eagle #:

It's not you, I find it repulsive and disrespectfull of ones self and the one you claim you love.

I think everyone else has lost the point in what I was trying to say. Early exposer to sex is damaging to young minds. PERIOD!


Our childern become what we mold them with.

Momma Bird speaks!

I"m with you. A lot of folks seem to have lost the idea that sex is special and private and FOR ADULTS, and no matter what kids are whispering about in the playground, they ought to be shielded from sexual inappropriateness. I am disgusted with the use of sex to sell, and the images used exspecially in the snowboard industry. And nope, I'm not a prude either (hahahah) Just a parent, and someone who believes in appropriateness.

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Thank you Irulan

Question for all?

A friend of mine and I was talking about this and he asked me this question.

What would sell a magazine better? A Woman wearing a skimpy bikini, or a Woman wearing a fur coat?

My first response was.... HA! The woman in the bikini wearing the fur coat. :
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Depends on the target audience.
The bikini-clad model will appeal to the more base instincts of males, and so is most appropriate for post-pubescent young males, whereas the implied sexuality of the fur-clad model requires more thought (as they talk about over here, describing Felicity Kendal 15 years ago as "The Thinking Man's Crumpet")
This can also be seen in movies, the choice is between two shots:
1. Full frontal nudity of the woman before she gets into bed, followed by a sex scene, with saxophone in the background,
2. The shot of the women's clothes falling to the floor, no sign of nakedness, and then a cut to a post-coital shot on the bed, but again no nudity.

Personally, as long as it's not fox fur, I know which shot would make me read the magazine cover.

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And most Snow border mags, and new wave Skiing mags target group is Teen boys.

It's like this, I just think its worst now then when I was a kid(31now). I was talking
to a kid I have known since she was 14 and
is 20 now said:"It's worst then my time and it's been only 5yrs" end quote. Now that is bad when 20 and 21yr olds think its worst now then when they was teens.

Personaly as an adult I think stiff is funny, but it's just not for kids(personal feelings).
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