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How's the Coverage at Whistler?

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I'm headed up to the big WB for my first day of skiing this year (finally!) on Friday, 12/14. Since I'm riding a bus up there I want to bring only one pair of skis. I'm worried about rocks. Should I bring my older skis or can I bring my new toys?

I ski off the groomers as much as I can.
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Come on Vancouveristas and Whistlerites, what's the scoop?
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The weather report looks promising, with more snow on the way- http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/wea...cast/index.htm

And the snow report looks like decent coverage - http://www.whistlerblackcomb.com/wea...port/index.htm

Maybe they're just trying to keep us Yankees away. But I tell ya, I could never travel with just one pair of skis.
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They're talking 47 inches of base at mid mountain. Not huge coverage, but OK usually. I've been following the reports online but I wanted a report from someone who's been on the hill lately. I don't want to mess up my new sticks with rocks, which I've done there before.

I'm only going there for a day trip. I won't be coming all the way back down to the base for another set of skis, it takes too long. There's no reason for me to bring more than one pair.
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speaking as someone who will be at Whistler in 2 weeks, I hope you report back with what you find.
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acoording to the blog - conditions suck. didn't realize it could be this bad with 47"base.
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I was there this past Thursday and Friday, the 6th and 7th. And I don't think they've received much since (if any)...

SO... conditions mostly sucked. I ski almost all off-piste, and I didn't do much any of that. There were pockets of soft snow, but for the most part you are looking at ice and crust. They were claiming 5500 acres open, but I didn't see that... about 40% of the lifts weren't even running.

I'd go expecting to ski on-piste and on hardpack/ice unless you get a snow report very near to the day you leave. Hence, take your carving skis. Sorry to piss in your cheerios. The only good news for me was that I was skiing instead of working...
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It's been snowing a little every day lately. They report 4" already today and are expecting about the same or more tomorrow. I hope this helps out. I've had very poor luck with Whistler over the past year except for exactly one year ago on the same bus trip when we had fabulous conditions top to bottom.
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I'm hoping that it's good starting the 17th, because I'm going to go up 17th - 21st to take the Ski Esprit camp, and I'm hoping that I get good snow to play with...

*crosses fingers*
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Good luck Pousuane, hope Whistler treats you right.
I can relate, was at Baker opening day ... so far that's it! It just doesn't seem like they have had enough snow yet, but at least continuous small fronts are suppose to hit for the next several days. Hoping to head up there tomorrow and Saturday ... have you heard how it has been, lately, or at least in recent hours?
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I'll possibly be going up to Baker on Saturday and Sunday, but I get back from Whistler at about midnight and I'm an old fart now so I probably won't be able to get up there for the "up to 12"" of new that they are mentioning for Sat. on their web site. I'll have to take sloppy seconds and show up late in the morning.
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You're in luck if you're coming up Sat. It looks like big snow in the forecast for Friday nite. As far as coverage goes, its fine on piste but you have to keep your eyes out for sharks if you wander off piste.
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The snow was anywhere from decent to poor on Sunday. Still a pretty fun day though. Hopefully things will be good this Sunday.
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I took my trip on Friday and was asked to report on conditions, so here it is:

We skied at Blackcomb. We didn't stand in a line all day and there was even ample room at the Longhorn after we finished. Since this was my first day this year I took it pretty easy and kept to the main runs most of the time.

I had an adventure when I followed a friend into an area with which I was unfamiliar and he skied off through the trees. I lost him and got lost. There was NOBODY out there. It was dicey for awhile but I finally found my way out without injuring myself. I almost got stranded in thick forest on a steep slope next to a deep ravine which I had to cross. Thank goodness I got out OK. It was getting to the point that there was no place to turn. I could see myself as a news story. Lesson learned!

It had snowed about 8-10 cm overnight which made for some nice, soft groomers. For a while. After a few hours the soft stuff was getting scraped off of the main runs leaving a nice ice base exposed. You could miss most of it by staying to the sides of the runs.

Coverage is not great but adequate. I hit only one rock, and that was when I was on my little adventure through the trees. With the snow that is being predicted for the next week things should continue to improve. It looks like it should be a good Christmas week.
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Thanks for the report Posaune
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Awesome conditions

Right now the skiing is great at Whistler
check out the website in my sig for a daily update on current snow conditions
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I skied Blackcomb on Sat. Dec. 15th and it was fantastic conditions. 22 CM of fresh. They've since gotten another 15 CM and will probably be getting yet another 30-40CM this week. Now is the time to be there. THey opened 7th Heaven just as I came out of the Lodge. I made a bee line for the lift and manged to get there just after it started loading. Got fresh tracks down below the lift in Everglades and a nice line through Sunburn. Top was windy with firm wind affected and crust but midway down was sweet knee deep pow. Especially in the trees. Did a run off the Crystal chair earlier in the morning and had a decent run through the trees on Arthur's Choice. Mountain is shaping up nicely with the recent snow.
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I tried to help

I tried to let you guys know about my personal blog where I update on the current snow conditions in Whistler, an un-biased view as I have no affiliation with Whistler Blackcomb ski resort. However since my blog has google adsense on it the forum moderators deemed it to be unfit (since they prefer to link to people who pay them ), even though it was in direct response to the OP question. now i understand restricting useless spam, but this is ridiculous.
have fun in your controlled forum

so i guess you just have to come here (Whistler) to find out what the conditions are REALLY like
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Whistler is a bit like Jackson Hole in that both are rugged mountains, with lots of steep, rocky terrain. That terrain renders them outstanding, extreme mountains. But, it's also why they need more-than-average snow to be fully functional.

It seems like Whistler will soon have all it needs.
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they just picked up another 3-4" skiing should be very good.
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I am coming. I am coming. 22nd though 29th. ski u there.
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Was there this past weekend (something like 47 cm in 48 hours). Conditions for the most part were great. Some sketchy areas in the trees but the new snow was wonderful. Harmony chair led to some great snow.
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