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West Learning ski

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I am buying a new pair of ski's and want some advice. I am learning to ski out west after being an east coast, mid atlantic, hard pack skier, also have skied eastern Canada a little. I want a ski that will allow me to learn and learn correctly in the different terrians (bowls, powder and trees) snow conditions you lucky ones have out west. I do not really want a do it all east and west ski. I am commited to buying what will help me learn. I know there is no substitute for practice but the proper equipment can only help learn correctly.

I'm 5'10" & 1/2 and weigh 195, weight train and run. Ski fast but that is on the ice slopes we have at my local mountain. Skied about 30 days last year and will ski 20-30 days here and 7-10 days out west this year. Here we tend to ski shorter skis (170) due to the lack of ability to carve in the ice. I ski evrything we have easily but don't believe that translates to western conditons.

I have been researching skis and have some I beleive to be good choices but that's were you come in with advice. Cost is really not an issue so please leave that out. Please let me know what size due to my weight you think would be the easiest to learn on.

These are the skis I'm thinking out;

Line prophets 90's or 100's in 179cm
volkl Gotoma, Mantra or Bridge in 176 to 184cm (need a suggestion here)
K2 PE in 179cm (added this due to the price, price doesn't matter but a deals a deal)
Head mojo ski or monster but not sure which ones

Thanks for the advice and suggestions are welcome.
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Watch SAC. So far they've had some PE's for under $200 and some 8000's for $260. Where are you skiing? If in Colorado look for something in the mid 90's and in the 170's. In Utah, go fatter as you will have more powder days (usually, though not the case so far this year). If you are in the PNW or Sierras then I would go fatter as well.

Gots and Mantras are nice. But to be honest, if you are switching from the east to the west you might want to stay a bit more conservative on width to ease your transition. No need to rock a 104 under foot if all you're familiar with is a 74mm underfoot carver.
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Col. & BC

Thank you for the reply. I will be skiing Col. This year and BC next year. Presently I ski a 170cm Head 1400. Stiff has a board but rips on hard snow.

Your suggestion of a mid 90's underfoot is what I was thinking. I can't decide to go that route or just skip right to the 100mm. Want to make sure I can handle the change from my present ski which is I believe only 72mm wide.

Thanks again.
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