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clueless noob seeks ski advice

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Clueless noob here:

I'm looking for a new ski. I've been searching all over the forum for the last week and have some ideas but, inevitably, I'm now looking for some specific input.

I'm 6'2" and 160 lbs. I've been skiing for a long time but put my skill level on the upper end of "mediocre". I like skiing double diamond runs but am not particularly fast or courageous while doing it. My first setup was a pair of Salomon X-Scream 700s at 196 length, some crappy Marker bindings, and a pair of Lange boots. I skiied on these for several years. I now think the boots are too big and the skis feel too long, heavy, and stiff.

Then I bought an alpine touring setup: K2 Shuksans, 181 length, with Dynafit bindings and Garmont Mega-Lite boots. I found that I like skiing on this setup so much that I also used it for almost all my in-bounds skiing the last two years.

But I want some normal alpine skis for resort skiing, and I think I'm probably losing something skiing on such soft boots. I tried demoing some skis last year but the selection was crummy. Here's what I skiied:

- Rossi B2s: Hated them. Couldn't stay out of the back seat and didn't feel in control.
- K2 Apache Recons: Hated them. Same as the B2s.
- Salomon Pocket Rockets: Kind of liked them, but not as much as my Shuksans.

I think I like the Shuksans because they're light, not too long, easy to turn, and fairly soft. My style is sloppy and I find when I get messed up, I can muscle these skis back into place pretty easily. I guess they're a little unstable at high speeds, and get deflected pretty easily in harder snow but it doesn't really bother me, I just stay on top of it.

I live in Seattle and rarely see real powder. Any serious backcountry will be done on my Shuksans. So what I want is a fun ski I don't have to work too hard with, for groomers, hardpack, crud I guess, and maybe a little time in the park. I like the idea of a twin tip... maybe that is silly, I'm not sure.

So from what I've read, here is what I'm thinking about:
- Rossi Scratch BC
- Bro 183 (soft, probably, when that exists?)
- K2 PE
- Volkl Gotama or Mantra?
- ??

So I'm looking for any ideas about skis, or commentary on any of the crap I wrote above. Also if you know a shop near Seattle that rents demos, I'd like to know. Thanks!
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Get boots that fit first, then worry about buying skis. With crappy boots you won't be able to tell how a good ski feels.

There are a ton of great skis out there, but it's the boots that the most importent part.

Get boots, check the Boot fitters guide on this site somewhere. Also read the gear review forum and then ask questions.
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Yes, boots are first on my list. I have a shop that'll take care of me.

I've read tons of ski reviews and they've led me to what I wrote above.
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I think your short list looks pretty good, and doesn't look like the list of a "clueless noob". All of the skis you listed are much wider than the 78 mm waisted Shuksan, but fine for PNW skiing. From the description of your skiing, a wider ski with minimal shape sounds like a good fit. I don't think Mantras are for you, but the Gotama is a decent fit.

Bros in a 188 would not be a problem for you, but the 183 might be a good idea. Other skis you might look at are Atomic Sugar Daddy...light, easy to turn, but not too much shape. Fischer Watea 94, Dynastar Legend Pro Rider (heavier crud buster).
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