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Stinky Tech Stuff

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Hey guys,

I have managed to funk up all of my snow gear clothing with all the sweating and what-not over the past weekend up in the mountains.

In the past I just always tossed everything into the washer and dryer without fabric softener to freshen things up. But I'm not sure that's the best process. Any good suggestions or technique to ensure I'm not ruining my shell and pants?

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Sounds like you are on the right track. I think if you are seriously sweating in your shell, its time to remove some layers, or the shell.
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I never use the dryer for any of my tech gear, since its all made to dry quickly, overnight on the boiler room is usually enough to get it all dry.
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You need to specify what materials your clothing are made of. Different materials require different care. For instance, Gore-Tex requires the use of powder detergent and not liquid. Some materials cannot be bleached and many polyesters should not be dried. Read the manufacturers label to determine the proper use and care.
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Use Nikwax Tech Wash. It's designed to work with high tech fabrics. Make sure to follow the laundering instructions.

In regards to base layers, what fudman said about powder detergents.

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No fabric softener! I'm going to get a little technical here, but it gunks up the techy stuff. Seriously - do not use it.
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Febreeze does not clean but cuts the funk.
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During periods of extended use, like trips or away races, I'll rinse all of my baselayer stuff and socks in cold water and let it ar dry over night in the shower. Keeps the funk at a reasonable level.
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When it comes to getting the funk out of my Scuba gear, I use Woolite, & have for years, without it hurting my neoprene.
It's a gentle detergent with a nice smell.
I use it on all of my ski wear as well.
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i seem to recall a thread either here or over on TGR about funk-less base layers.

something about one of the fabrics being less susceptable to stink than others. I wanna say it was some kind of wool blend that is supposed to smell less than polyprop.
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I have Icebreaker's superfine, material is merino, that does not get stinky.

One draw back with this material is it shrinks in the drier so you have to line dry it.
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It may sound crazy, but I've put ski socks in a zip-lock bag and then put them in the freezer. The cold kills the bacteria and eliminates the odor until I can get home to wash them. The same will work for thermal and fleece layers.
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So Febreeze? Does anyone know if that will harm or gunk up the tech stuff?

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