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FS: Fischer RX-8 180cm

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This is the 4th (and last) pair of skis I will be selling on Epic this season, after trimming my quiver down quite a bit. And these happen to be one of my favorite pairs of skis of all time.

These are 2005 model Fischer RX-8 skis in 180cm length. The skis are in excellent condition, with about 30 days of use on groomed slopes here in the Blue Ridge mountains. Since these were my hardpack skis, they never ventured off-piste. Top sheets look great with only one small scuff on one of the skis. The bases are in great shape too, with only a few scratches in the p-tex (enough to catch a fingernail but that's about it) and some scuffs. The skis have only been hand-tuned and have plenty of base and sidewall left.

The skis come with Fischer/Tyrolia FX-12 RailFlex bindings, which can easily accomodate any boot size and allow +/- 1.5cm of easy adjustment (or more if you're a gear nerd and want to tweak the boot size rails). I always skied them at the center mark myself. The bindings have a max DIN of 12.

In the 180cm size, these RX-8s would be appropriate for a 6+ ft skier weighing 190 lbs or more. They are ideal hardpack carvers and hold extremely well on ice. In general, RX-8s are pretty well regarded here on Epic ski, and known for their short turns and energetic feel. I find them to be a little demanding, in the sense that they respond best to a well carved turn, but they are also forgiving enough that you can get away with less than perfect technique (like me). If you crank these skis with a good solid carve, they will reward you with an amazing ride!

The skis have a heavy coat of Toko universal wax on them for storage, but should be ready to ski once that is scraped off.

I am asking $250 shipped for these skis, with payment via PayPal. PM me if you're interested or if you have questions.

Almost forgot, here are some pictures of the skis:

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If these don't sell by the time I sell some skis I have up, I'll take them.
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Have they even been skied on? They look to be in great shape...unfortunately, I don't need a slalom carver. Somebody needs to jump on this deal.
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Yeah, they have gotten a lot of use, but all for on-piste carving on deep, manicured snow, so they haven't really seen "battle" conditions like my other skis
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If you'll take $225 shipped, I'll take them?
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The RX-8s are sold!
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Got the skis today...Awesome...Thanks, man!

What bevels did you tune them to?
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What bevels did you tune them to?
Factory tune is 1 and 3. That's what I'd stay with from my experience on this ski.
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Yeah - base 1, side 3.
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