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CB - 12/11 Free Ski

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Gonna hit the slopes at Crested Butte tomorrow. Leaving Denver at 4am. Call my cell or email me. Can't read these posts on the road. Can't really car pool, but sweet to meet someone else there. Free makes is extra sweeet.

jasonstingl at gmail

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Jason, You Lucky DOG! Drive safe, SW Colorado is having EPIC Conditions this YEAR!
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It was SICK. My last run (about 4pm) I was still blazing trails through knee deep pow. I was so excited when I got out of the car, i left my camera behind. Sorry
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Your killing me!
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No killing you would be me telling you I am skiing tomorrow and thinking about going to wolf creek this weekend because they are sporting at 120 inch base with 14 new inches last night :-) Realistically I probably won't make it out there, but it sound super cool. I need my bindings for my fat skis fast. This is killing me.
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