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Bearly enough smiles to go around at Abasin 12/10

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Drove up to Abasin with Garyskr and met up with MrVertical and DonDenver. Dp met us in the afternoon and in typical Bear fashion a grand time had by all.

The original meeting place by the bar was occupied completely by a Harald Harb clinic and we moved to the other side.

The snow was fantastic and weather was great minus a few flat light situations. Light to moderate wind all day and as DonDenver eloquently mentioned the flat light forces you to balance by feel.

There were a few exposed rocks and some twigs sticking up, but patrol did a fabulous job of marking the nasty stuff

After a warm up groomer we headed to the westwall area and skied some nice crud. Riding Lenawee again we noticed mildly cut up POW near the top of the Palli lift.

We headed that way and for the very first time in my life I took off my skis and did a GRUELING 5 minute hike up to Slalom Slope A great run in mildly cut up powder ensued and while I brought up the rear as usual it was tremendous

The remainder of the day was spent sampling most of everything that was open and included another hike.

One of my best days ever which seem to multiply exponentially the more I ski with the EPICSKI crowd.:

I haven't quite figured out the captioning of pics in order yet, but the following are pics of a great day.

Please notice that in one pic DonDenver exposes Abasin's true Backside:
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More pics!
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Sorry I didn't catch up with you guys today. I was wiped out after two hard days of following Bob Barnes around at the Boot Camp. Wow was it a great experience! Great conditions and great skiing.

Don - steezy jacket you got there!
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Near the end of the day.
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Pallivicini almost ready and lying(I mean story telling) at the bar
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Very nice! Thanks for the pics
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Jim,Gary, Don & David,
Thanks for the Great day! The Boss is mad that I was MIA, But at least the mind is clear today & the legs sore!
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Sweetness indeed; We all mentioned at lunch that 'dookey' would have loved the conditions this day...besides...HH would have dug those pants.
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my pants got nothing on that jacket!

i'm about to post a TR of me sitting around the past couple of weekends hopped up on muscle relaxants and fondling my Dukes and Lib Tech's.

hitting the PT this Thursday to get the approval (or not) to start hitting the slopes again.
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Get well soon Dookey 'cause you NEED to get out here.

Conditions are fantastic for this time of year and hope Tahoe gets some soon!
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Awesome photos.

Thanks for posting!
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Nice post ...
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