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Atomic boots?

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Any input on the Atomic M110s? Looking for a fairly wide toe/narrow heel boot with a stiff flex.

And yes, if I get these I will be going to a bootfitter.
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great boot if it fits your foot, the heel is narrow the forefoot 102mm so pretty wide, there are wider available but to get the narrowness of the heel this is probably the best option
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I skied this boot all last winter, nice boot. Versatile with great performance, and plenty of stiffness for my needs and weight. All the right adjustments too, with dual cuff adjustments. Nice boot to hike in as well because of the gripper stuff on the bottom. I was told that the 110 has been dropped from the line up this year. The new Hawx comes in 110 though, but I had to have my H110 ground a little to get the same fit as the M110.
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RicB the M110 is most definately still in the range
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Well it may be that AtomicUSA is not importing them then, as I was told by the regional rep and the dealer I'm affiliated with (largest atomic dealer in northwestern usa) that the M110 was no longer available. Seemed shortsighted to me because I think it is a very good boot if it fits you.
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Having trouble finding a 25.5 M110. Found a 25.5 M11 in Onterrible. Any difference between the two years?
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