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Mammoth Report 12/10

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Started dumping Thursday---mountain reported 20 inches at the Main Lodge Saturday morning. Saturday AM was bluebird conditions with AM temp of 12 degrees F, clouded over and started snowing with no wind about noon, so the top stayed open. Monument / Scotty's was fantastic with about knee-deep and no one else was poaching it. Good coverage considering it's the first real snow. Wind blew out of the North Saturday night and scoured the top of Scotty's, so no access on Sunday. Top got another 8 inches Saturday night. Wind was blowing it into Drop out and left side of Cornice which were creamy wind buff all day yesterday. Temp on top was 0, warmed up to 5, base lodge never warmed above 17. They are blowing snow furiously on Chair 5 (solitude), chair 4 and down to Canyon lodge. Talked to a patrol yesterday who said that they thought they'd open those by Wednesday, and Canyon lodge is supposedly going to open next weekend (12/15). Got the patrol guy to grudgingly admit that they're still short-staffed...All in all it was fantastic mid-winter egosnow. Big dump forecasted for the 18th. Over and out!:
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Great report. Thanks for the update!
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Thx for the Mammoth Report

This report is very helpful. I am going to Mammoth on Tues., 12/18, and staying for a few days. I will follow up with an updated report.

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