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Small woman's ski reccomendation Please

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I am going to get my fiance some skis this year.

She is 5'2. 100 pounds. She is a beginner (maybe skied 5 times). She will ski blues or greens in the rockies. Can someone reccomend an easy turning ski that won't chatter on her?

Maybe Head 'Fine Thang'? Atomic Cool Minx? Others?

Would something around a 150 sound about right?
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K2 make some lovely women's skis, very easy to ski and forgiving. The Tru Luv? 150? Sounds too big, given her size (tiny).
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Sounds like the same size as my girlfriend. I bought her some Atomic C9s in 150 for New England ice and some Rossi B2s in 148 for the softer days. I dunno, but 150 sounds about right to me. (I'd guess if she held up a 150 it would be around eye level for her and a 148 around nose level.)
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Firsts BOOTS!! Get her good boots then take her to demo!!!
IMO the lighter k2's chatter too much.

Elan, and Nordica have some great skis on the beginner/intermediate level.
I have recently been skiing on some Blizzards, but haven't yet had the chance to try the beg/int range. Will let you know when I do.

I'd highly recommend these for her short list to demo:

Elan Black Magic

Elan My Spice

Nordica Olympia Fox(not Firefox )
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Look at the Salomon Temptress. It is a direct decendant to the Salomon 1080 Spaceframe. It is very versital and forgiving. Its biggest faults are it doesn't do mach speeds well and its mediocre on ice. On the otherhand, it does great in a few inches of powder & crud, is easy to handle in moguls and is fun on groomers. I put my girlfriend on last year's version of that ski & she's really happy with them. My 24 year old daughter is on them, also.
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Rio, I hear good things about the Temptress. I haven't tried it, but definitely worthy of a look.
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Thanks for the feedback. I just came back from looking at some shops.

Anyone like the volkl's? Attiva viento, Sol, Luna? I found a good deal on the Luna in a 149, i just don't know if she is big enough to turn it.

Demo always a good idea. Unfortunately I will only get her out 1 or 2 times a year. I will just pull the triger on something and save some hastle.

I will look at the temptress.
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The Volkl Attiva line of skis Rocks!
If you foudn a deal on a Luna, in a 149, get it!

She'll love the energy and feedback from the Volkl and find some awesome grip when she needs it.

Will she be able to turn a 149? If she can't then skiing's not for her. C'mon, how much shorter do you think she should go? I wouldn't go shorter than that and would likely get something more in the 150's, once she gets a bit more acclimated to the sport.
to give you a comparison on size, see this post about K2 length by nolo.
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My wife's about the same height as your as your fiance, perhaps a couple of kg's heavier - she's cautious intermediate and just loves her K2 Tru Luv 153's

I think you also need to look at how aggressively she skis - my partner is a very light skier - not very aggressive, just kinda glides them rather than making them bite, so the lightness of the Tru Luv's works well for her

but I would agree with Trekchick - boots are much more important - my partner got a new pair of Nordica Olympia's (can't remember which one - but around the middle of the range) and they worked a treat
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Thanks everyone. I pulled the trigger on the luna's. And I will take her shopping for some great boots.

.....I better get some for this.
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