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Norquay 12/10

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I finally managed to get the right combination of weather and free time, so I made the 1 1/4 hour drive out to Banff to go ski Norquay. I've never skied this hill before, but it seems to hold the hearts of a lot of local skiers.

I got to the hill about 15 minutes after the lifts started up; I was maybe the 20th car in the parking lot. I quickly geared up and hit the lift lines.

The snow was not too bad, a bit thin in spots, but by and large in decent shape. Snow making machines were still running in spots and one or two runs are still closed. Groomed runs were surprisingly soft; I didn't venture off of them (deliberately) due to a freshly rehab'd knee. One errant turn off a lift line did take me to a mogul field that I christened with a couple of bobw sized indentations...

The sun shone, the wind stayed away, the temperatures were more than reasonable.... the biggest challenge was finding a decent line through the crowds on the groomers...

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Thanks for the pics. We were there this summer and I really wanted to come back and ski it. Not this year, but I may make it yet!
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I usually only make it there a couple of times a year (usually a four hour ticket when I have to get back to Calgary for an early afternoon meeting). I haven't been up on the big chair yet, but I have always been impressed by the grooming on the other runs. Norquay has about the best corduroy I've seen for a quick morning run. By the time my ticket is finished, it's usually worn down to the sheer ice that lies underneath, but a three or four hour session is always well worth it.
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Updated for 12/17

Snuck out again for a Monday day trip to Norquay. No snow has fallen there in over a week, and despite them running their snow making equipment all the time, the mountain is showing the wear and tear from lack of snow.

Temperatures were just a touch below freezing, no wind to speak of. The sun teased me the whole day by just always being on the edge of a cloud. I spent the day on groomers waiting for the sun to get out and give some dimension to the slopes; it never really happened.

The hill looked surprisingly OK for the first runs in the morning, but by lunch time, some dirt was showing through on some of the slopes and the odd rock popped its head up to wreak havoc on my bases By 2:15, the sun was already ducking behind the mountain, the snow at the top of some of the lifts was worn down to the point that dirt/sand was coming through the snow and I was frustrated by the flat light for the whole day; I called it quits and headed back home.

I'd recommend that this hill be left alone for a while; it needs a goodly amount of snowfall to get it back in shape....
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