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Fischer Slaloms

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I demoed some Fischer RC4 Worldcup SC's this weekend and I really liked them all around. Quick sharp turns on the hard stuff, held pretty well in the crud, etc. Basically, I'm looking to buy some quickturning skis that I could still take into the bumps and in crud, and I thought some slaloms would be a good option. I'm 5'10'' 210lbs and around a level 7-8 skier (younger so I can/am still willing to put in the effort the SC's require). My question is: Considering my height, weight, and where I want to ski, what length should I go with. From reading about them, I get the sense that anything from a 155-170cm might work for me. Any help from people with experience with the Worldcup SC's? (P.S. I'm also looking at a pair of older (i.e. 2003) SC's which had the wider tips at 123-66-102, so if anyone has had experience with these vs. the newer sidecut that would be helpful too.)
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Hi K-F,

I am also a big guy & I have the 2007 WC SC in a 165cm. I consider this to be a special application ski, not a all-day, every-day ski.

I intend to use it as a hard snow carving ski that will require me to refine my carving technique. Its a great carver and fairly versatile for a ski this short. It does not support relaxed cruising at higher speeds, however. The ski responds to every surface imperfection and requires nearly perfect balance.

The older 123-66-102 ski is even less versatile, I have been told this by a friend who has this model. I prefer the RX8 for all-around carving.

Many people like the Head Supershape in a 170cm for what you describe.

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I have a pair of race-stock RC4 WC SLs. to describe.....a power razor? They edgehold is peerless and you can just lacerate the fall line at supersonic speed with them. It;s a demanding ski if you do what they are designed to do: it takes effort, skill (they talk back!), and endurance to work 'em for a whole day. I have an on-mountain locker, so I only take these out for a few hours to see if my head will actually snap off when I push those quick turns.

You want edgehold with crud performance? What about an AC3/AC4 or RX8/RX9?
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I weigh about 165 lbs and have the modern 13-m sidecut Fischer WC SC in a 165 cm length. I find it works very well for me unless I'm going slow, there are better candidates for slow speed turns. With the factory spec 1 degree base bevel it is very forgiving; nothing much happens until you deliberately tip them.

I chose this as my first shaped short turn ski after demoing several others, primarily because of it's superb quick short turn performance, but also because of it's relatively high speed limit. Like any highly shaped short ski, it will tend to wander if you don't have it on edge, so directional stability might seem lacking if you are not used to this type of ski, but as far as vibration goes, the ski will perform at ridiculously high speeds. It may feel very light, brittle and insubstantial compared to an Atomic or Dynastar of similar level, but when push comes to shove, this ski will take you where you want to go when you want to go there at any speed you are likely to see on an in-bounds run; I've had them over 60 mph quite a few times without any problems, though you wouldn't want to put a foot wrong at those speeds.

If I weighed 210 I would definitely want the longer length, but that's just me.

The only thing is that if you take out a long radius ski you realize what your missing; a 13 m ski won't give you that locked in on rails feeling when carving longer turns.
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I have experience with the 2003 Fischers and I loved them. They were stolen last yearand I was devastated. They are the best. If you decide to buy the new skis get me in touch with the older ones.
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Not s ski for the bumps.
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Echo - not a great "rec" ski. They will wear you out. That said, great hold, great snap.

Bumps? Hmmm lot of shovel. Kinda nose heavy imo.

I like my GS version better.
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I'm 6'5" and I ski the RC4 SL in a 166. I absolutely love them, and they can take whatever I dish out. The greatest thing is just to fly down a groomer making RR tracks with them all the way down.

One thing, if you're not careful they'll put you on yer arse. They have SOOO much rebound from turn to turn. A little experimentation just to find the sweet spot and how much pressure is needed (not much) and you'll appreciate them as much as I do. Good luck and have a blast.
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Originally Posted by Philpug View Post
Not s ski for the bumps.
I took mine on a few forays into some steep bumps the other day and did not have a bad experience with them.

kflanag, why not go with the size you demoed, since you liked them?
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Originally Posted by Racer256 View Post
I like my GS version better.
I agree - the RC is the more versatile of the two skis. We have a pair of 175's bouncing around my family (shared between my brother, father, and me), and they are really great skis. Amazingly they come very close to being able to make slalom turns. I agree though that the SC is also a great ski. Most skiers couldn't go wrong with either.
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there are a pair of the 2003 wide shovels WorldCup SL's (123-66-102) in 155cm on eBay right now. the auction ends in about 2 days, no one's bidded and the starting bid is $250. The url is

if you want them, i've decided they'd be too short for me.
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Both the Fischer RC4 WC SC in its more recent configuration (SL type ski ) and the RC4 WC RC (GS type with a radius of 16m @175cm) are great skis but rather stiff to be great bump skis IMHO. I have both.

The Fischer RX-8 (SL bias) and the Fischer RX-9 (not in this year's line up but a great ski with a GS bias that still can be found in some shops) are more versatile and less demanding though you will give up something in performance compared to the RC4 WC SC and RC4 WC RC. Taking bumps out of the equation, the Fischer RC4 WC SC is a great hard snow SL ski that shouldn't beat you up after a day of skiing if you are in pretty good physical condition. Same goes for the Fischer RC4 WC RC.
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I find the 165 WC SC a little stiff for bumps, but if I weighed an extra 40 lbs I might not think so. They seem to work a little better in the short and steep icy bumps (only one's I've been able to find) than my 190 McGs, but I suck at bumps.
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