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Keystone and Breck question

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Beginner family looking to move to easy blue runs. Will be at Keystone/Breck March 14-17. Suggestions on easier blue runs at Keystone and Peaks 8 & 9 at Breck. ALSO, what type of weather can we expect next week.
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Why just peaks 8 and 9? For easy blues you would be wise to check out the peak 7 side. Plenty of easy blues over there. When you feel more adventurous the chair up peak 10 will offer some challenge. Actually, all of Breck and Keystone are quite easy. What makes them difficult are the crowds. But, if you're during the week so it won't be as bad. Then again, it's spring break time.

The weather will be gorgeous. Bring your sunscreen. I just got fried a nice bright red this weekend at A-basin because I forgot my sunblock.

Don't multi-day tickets to Breck and Keystone also include a day at Vail and/or A-basin? If so, you'd enjoy Vail for their blues. Looking at the hill, the blues to the right of the gondola are fun. As are the runs to the left of mid-Vail. A-basin has nice terrain right up the center that's easy and wide open. You'll find much less people there as well because it's not a resort. Plus, it's only like 7 miles up the road from Keystone.

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I am not familiar with Breck. At Keystone stay on the front mountain, now named Dercum. Spring Dipper, Paymaster, Wild Irishman are typically nice and less crowded. Avoid the Outback as the groomed run gets skied off fast and crowded. If you want to go to North Peak go first thing as again Mozart gets to crowded with people of varying abilities. At North Peak try Last Alamo and Propsector. As to weather, who knows? It's been really warm but that is supposed to change...

Not sure were your staying, but at Keystone the Mountain House lifts are much less crowded than the River Run area.
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As ne11anad says, you'll have a lot to choose from. Keystone's snow has not been the best this season, so I would recommend sticking to Breck, Vail, and the Beav if you have a Vail vacation pass. Buses take you to-and-from pretty much everywhere.

At Breck, Peak 9 is a great place to start, with easy greens and blues. Then, head over to 7 where you'll be able to spend a full day playing amongst the trees and rolling blues.
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I skiied Breck for a day a couple of weeks ago. I hadn't skiied it in a long time and was struck by the fact that most of the mountain(as long as you stay off the t-bars) consisted of easy cruising blues. Fun, but certainly not challenging. Look for blues and you'll be fine at Breck. Aloha Steve
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We stayed in gateway which is just about smack dab in the middle of HH/RR base areas. We found mountian house base is much less crowded, but we the shuttles generally run Mountian house area TO riverun, meaning that if you stayed on the mountian house side, you had a long shuttle ride first to river run then to the mountian house base.

Knowing the shuttle routes if you don't have a car is very important; we often had 30 minute waits cause we couldn't be bothered. I'd recommend seeing if they will fax you one now to look over so you know it ahead of time.

We did vail one day and the bus stopped about 15 times in dillon/frisco and we did not get to vail until 10:15 AM so exect that. I didn't really ski any blues and can't help you there, the wind was pretty fierce down the middle of Abasin the day we went. Skied pali the entire time and never saw a line!
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The weather next week will be 42 degrees on Monday, 44 degrees on Tuesday, 45 degrees on Wednesday, and 14 degrees on Thursday. I'm not sure about Friday.

At Keystone you will have wind at 5 - 10 mph sustained throughout the week. At Breckenridge we'll have 25 mile per hours winds on Monday, 30 mile per hour winds on Tuesday, and 60 mile per hour winds on Wednesday. They'll taper off to 15 mile per hour winds on Thursday.

We'll get 2" of snow on Wednesday and 6" on Thursday. Expect bright blue skies on Monday and Tuesday.
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Originally posted by BV:
At Breckenridge we'll have 25 mile per hours winds on Monday, 30 mile per hour winds on Tuesday, and 60 mile per hour winds on Wednesday.
Got to say that everytime I have been to Breck I was nearly blown off the mountain
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So the nickname for Breckenridge- Breckenwind! I've also heard it called Breckenfridge. Kima has some good info for Keystone. Almost everything at Breck is easy except for a few bumper blacks and the upper peaks most of which you must hike to enjoy.
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We skied Breck, Keystone, and A-Basin a few weeks ago. We skied 9 days total. I've got to say Breck is an intermediate paradise. They've got some of the longest-flattest slopes I've ever skied. You have to ski them to get to the bottom. They do have steeps to challenge the best skiers. It's been a below average snow year so the really steep stuff does a number on your skis. Don't limit yourself to just peaks 8 & 9 explore the whole place.

Have fun, get discount lift tickets at King Soopers supermarket down in Denver before you head up to summit county.

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Most blues will be great for you. Even the harder ones on the Outback are often 1/2 groomed (one side bumps the other groomed).

3 day lift tix at Christy Sports or City Market in Dillon are $118 (good at Key, Breck and A-basin).

The Gateway is a great condo building and location.

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THanks for all the info. I sit here in my office waiting patiently for quitting time. Plane leaves tomorrow. I would like for someone to compare the Springmier on Peak 8 and the other blue runs on Peak 7 at breck with Bonanza and Cashier on Peak 9. Easier, more difficult, better, worse. Earlier, when I spoke of beginner, I meant a REAL beginner. This will be only our second trip. 1st trip, after a couple of lessons, we made it down the upper part of Bonanza VERY slowly. The lower part was enjoyable.
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I think Cashier is your best bet. You can also take a couple of warm up runs on Silverthorne (green) which is very wide and nice to practice on. You can go up A chair to Upper Silverthorne which is a little steeper. A chair is very slow, however. Springmier and Bonanza tend to be a bit crowded, especially on the weekends. I would start on Peak 9 and go to 7 in the afternoon if you are comfortable on Peak 9.
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I agree with skier31.

Start out on the Quicksilver chair and ski some of the greens there. Then go up the Beaver Run or Mercury chair and ski the runs that end up back by the Quicksilver chair, like Cashier, briar rose, and Lehman. If you like those you'll also like peak 7. Take the peak 8 superconnect lift from peak 9, go down springmeier, and up the rocky mountain chair to get there, that avoids a painful traverse.
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My $.02 is you might be better off at Copper and Arapahoe Basin because of the warm conditions. 60% or more of both mountains face north, and I've found both tend to always have better conditions in the spring as a result.

Great Site: http://members.aol.com/crockeraf/

"Direction of exposure: Slope exposure information was generated from on-site research, trail map information, and, ski areas themselves. Most areas have some northern exposure to preserve base depths and packed powder conditions. South-facing runs will soften and refreeze after a few sunny days even in December and January. East- and west-facing runs will often have spring conditions by mid-February. The highest and steepest north-facing runs can remain packed powder well into April. Just ask the folks who skied A-Basin and Mammoth into August in 1995."
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I just got back from an awesome bluebird week and Cop/Breck/A-basin. I will post pics soon.
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Originally posted by Jim O'D:
I've got to say Breck is an intermediate paradise. They've got some of the longest-flattest slopes I've ever skied.
I agree. It is boring.
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