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Ankle Pain OUUUUCCH!

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I'm a 70+ day/ year skier. I'm 185lbs and only 21 years old. I ski pretty hard.

I've had this little problem this last month with my ankles. They HURT!! I use Salomon Pro Model Boots which I thought were right for me.

At first I thought maybe I was just getting a little shin bang and the pain was traveling to my ankles, so I added Booster straps. While I enjoyed the extra support, it didn't solve my problem.

Are my ankles weak? I skate a lot so I didn't think that to be an issue. Bad Canting of the boot? Boots too stiff?? Buckled too tight??

Any suggestions or implications as to what my problem might be, your thoughts are very welcome!

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cmon snow,

Can you be a little more specific as to where on your ankles you hurt, how it feels, or when it might happen more (moguls, ice, walking/skating, etc.?
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Are you talking about pain in the skin covering the ankles or pain inside the ankles themselves?
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Sorry about that:

The pain start around the large bone in the ankle. As the day wears on and the pain gets worse, the pain spreads up into my lower shin, probably three inches above the ankle bone. It's not what I would describe as a "bone pain", it definantely feels more like a tendon, muscle, or joint pain. Muscle would be my guess but I'm not 100%. It's NOT a skin problem at all.

It does not show up when I ski any sort of certain condition, it merely shows up after a couple hours of skiing. Whether it be racing, bumps, or powder, it just kinda gradually gets worse as the day goes on.

After my session is over, the boots come off and I move my ankles around a bit and after about an hour of terrible pain, it fades away and starts all over the next day.

Thanks again!
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Just a thought. Try loosening the buckles a little bit and see if it helps. Once I was feeling weird pains in my feet. I didn't think it was due to a tight boot because I didn't feel any pressure points or cutoff circulation. Nevertheless, the looser buckles made the pain go away. I find if I stay centered, I really don't need visegrip boots, except for racing.
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Cmon snow,

is it possible that you have limited range of flexion in your ankles (dorsiflexion)? Do those boots feel leaned more forward and/or softer then what you had before?
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is it more on the top of the ankle or does it feel deep in the joint.

It's kind of late to work on this but are you camped out on the front of your boot ie pressuring the front of your boot at "12:00"?

Try shifting your focus to 10:00-2:00 for cuff pressure instead of straight ahead.

I found that when I pressure the front of the boot, the tendon that runs up the top of my foot into the ankle and then leg, "pops" up and was causing lots of pain after a while of skiing. Heel lift's helped the symptom by not letting me dorsiflex as much thus not triggering that tendon pop up however moving my focus off the front of the boot and a little to the side was the better fix. It made me ski better, got rid of the pain and helped me engage the front edges of my skis much earlier.
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Peak and dchan-
Interesting subject with dorsiflex. I have had these boots for 3 seasons now and this is the first season this pain has come about. My previous pair of boots was a bit stiffer (x-wave 10). I might try putting a heel riser in there, but I don't want to take up too much room because they are the perfect fit right now. I wonder if I should be going back to a stiffer boot?? It was in the back of my mind to go back to the x-wave 10's for next year as I have about 250 days on those boots.

But your points are VERY WELL TAKEN! I will play around with it and see if your hypotheses are true or not.
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did you change your "focus" for your skiing at all?

My ankle problem came up when at the beginning of the season, my instructor said I was "too Static" in my skiing. I needed to flex into the boot more. this is what started to trigger my problem with the ankles. A few lessons later, an instructor mentioned I need to get off the front and onto the diagonal position on my boots and all of a sudden no pain.

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Get a medical opinion from a qualified Doc. My pain felt like a muscular problem or a sprain but turns out to be something far more serious that could lead to destruction of the cartilege and to bone on bone arthritis. Basically a potentially crippling injury. Don'i fool around with this. It may very well be something minor but you never know.
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i had pain like you are talking about. it turned out to be a bone-spur. i had surgery in the summer two years ago. this season was my first one without pain. go see a doctor and good luck.
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Cmon, I can think of two things that may be a factor. One, it is spring: the snow is heavier and the boots are softer. Also, this is your 3rd season on those boots so they may be breaking down. Do you get a sharp pain when you flex the boots hard?

My point is the you may be flexing the boot to the point of straining your ankles. You might try heel wedge just to see if it relieves the pain. Good luck. Lew
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