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Tried on a couple boots, need advice

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I'm looking for a new set of boots (been on my Lange XR7s for 13 years!!!). Since then (13 years old) I've grown in skill, weight, and skis. My current stats are:

26 years old, 165 lb, 5'7", Level 8-9 skier, ski on 168 Volkl Allstars.

I'm mostly concerned about on piste performance, but do about 35% of my skiing off piste, including a yearly trip out west. I'm a VERY aggresive skier, constantly looking for a harder turn. Have been skiing my entire life. I've never had any foot problems or fitmet problems with any shoes or ski boots, so I feel like I have compliant feet. My calves are fairly thin at well.

Went to Steiner's Sports in Albany, NY, they are trained by Masterfit U. Got measured at US 9, B width, 27 instep. I tried on Nordica Doberman Aggressor 130s, Nordica Speedmachine 12s and Salomon Falcon 10. The Speedmachine 12 fit like a glove. I tried on a 295mm shell, 25.5 size, I felt like it was a bit short, but I think it might be good to try and let them pack out in the interest of a nice fitting boot. The Doberman didn't feel nearly as good and I couldn't even get into the Salomon because the instep was too low.

This shop didn't have any Lange boots, which I really wanted to try on. I will try Scandanavian Ski shop here in NYC for those.

My questions are:

Are there any other boots I should look to try on?
Should I consider the Speedmachine 14s? Steiner's didn't have the 14 in my size.

Any other comments?


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salomon impact?

lange HP fit is similar
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Originally Posted by mntlion View Post
salomon impact?

lange HP fit is similar

Lange HP fit is similar to what?

Also what model is the HP fit? Are you speaking about the blue race boots which has WC fit and HP fit options?
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lange HP fit is similar to the impact

The HP fit comes in both the blue race (130 and 120?) and the orange FR models (130, 110, 110W)
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So yesterday I went to Paragon Sports and Princeton Ski Shop in NYC to try on a couple more pairs of boots.

At Paragon I tried on:

Salomon Impact 10 in a 25: Very narrow in the front foot area, which fit my feet nicely! the problem with that area was that I felt a pinch right in the middle of the top of my foot, going from left to right across the whole top of my foot. Checked my socks and tried both back on and it was still there. These boots weren't as stiff as the Speedmachine 12s, but who knows once placed in a cold environment. All in all the pinch on the top of my foot instantly disqualified the boot.

Lange World Cup 120 HP fit in a 7.5 (didn't say a mondo size): The instep is just about as low as my foot would alow, but ankle forward, this boot fit me like a glove. I was particularly impressed by the toe box, somewhat roomy yet snug (that doesn't make sense I know). However this boot has a major problem for me, the arch was wayyy to high. The boot guy said that this boot has a very narrow heel and that it was probably bringing the sole arch in too far in on my foot. As a side note, I know color and looks aren't supposed to matter, but whoever chose to produce this boot in that blue should be fired. Thats plain hideous, maybe not if you are a girl.

Speedmachine 12, this time in a 26: Tried this size because I thought the 25.5 might have been too tight. The boot was wider (too wide, I could shift my foot side to side) in the front area than the 25.5, so I think I would much rather go with the 25.5 and just work on breaking the boots in and/or stretching the toe area to make them work. I love this boot, wish it was a bit tighter in the mid foot area

At the end of the day, the Speedmachine is the most comfortable boot for me. The boot guy said Nordicas come with more padding than the average boot and it would pack out a good amount. Is there any negative to this? Boots I still want to try are:

Speedmachine 14 (thing this will be too stiff for me?)
Lange Fluid 120
Lange Free Ride 120 & 130

Anything else I should try?

As mentioned I went to Princeton Ski Shop. What a joke, its mainly a clothing store. The minimal ski and boot section only had beginner and intermediate skis and boots. Nothing there that fit my profile.
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lange HP fits are all the same, if the manly blue boot didn't work the freerides will not either...

fluid might work for ya.
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