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Utah the week after New Year's

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We have a weird school schedule this Christmas - school doesn't reopen till Monday, Jan. 7. So we're thinking of heading to Park City or Alta around New Year's Eve. Any thoughts on how crowded it will be there during that week?
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yours and every other school I know of. expect it to be crowded.
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I've found the week of Christmas to be crowded; the next week less so. A good indicator of expected crowds is if the resort is charging holiday rates.
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If you have kids you are putting in ski may want to call now and see if they have availability, as it's my understanding they fill up over the holidays.
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i wouldn't fret. yes, you have a freaky schedule, most of the kids will be back in school on Jan 2nd, and so most of their mommies will be at their "real" home to make them breakfast. I once skied SLC weekend after the 1st, and it was cold as could ever be, (had to pole down top of chips to move), but no crowds. I wouldn't let crowds stop the fun, even though they won't likely be there.
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I get to Snowbird/Alta on the 5th of January and it is not considered the holiday season for prices. I hope this year there is a lot more snow then last.
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It wont be crowded. Havent you read the latest ski mag? they actually got something right for once. The secert season of January and early February. they said but I am here to tell its really is true, mid week during january at snowbird there is noone there, its like ghost town on the slopes.

In fact the gathering was schedule this year purposely during the secert season, well before ski mag put out there article.
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Thats easy, ski Solitude on the 1st (& the weekend ,if you still be there)
Ski Alta or Park City mid week.
BTW, we arrive on the 3rd.

Hey Bushwacker,
Any local Sports bars to watch the game on the 7th?
We're staying in Midvale.
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Originally Posted by rayl1964 View Post
Hey Bushwacker,
Any local Sports bars to watch the game on the 7th?
We're staying in Midvale.
There's an Iggy's in Sandy (106th south) and a hooters at 72nd and State (but you'll have to buy food in order to drink brews). Both should fit the bill. Other places might be the world famous utah "private clubs" and a PITA for someone from out of state.

There might be other options....

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Thanks Lonnie,

I found an Iggy's & a Hooters in Midvale, & just down the road from the ESA we're staying at.

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I traveled to utah last season after new years, I think the 3rd thru 9th or something. No crowds except for a bit of a powder day at the bird made for long tram lines in the morning. Great time to go IMO.
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