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In search of my Silver Bullet

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Hey all, just found this forum -- great stuff all over. Downside is the hours I have spent and will spend surfing through it all, further stoking my skiing jones but taking away from my time to make the cash to support it. Such is life, eh? So, get to the question already:

Looking at my first ski purchase in 10+ years. The more I look, the more I get confused. I want to narrow down to 3 to demo if possible. Everytime I start a list I end up with different results. I am 6' and around 215lbs. Been skiing for 30+ years. I'll get about 10 days in tahoe and 5 in colorado this year. I'll spend 1/3 my time skiing as sweeper with the kids on high blue groomers, 1/3 of the time with the wife on advanced but not overly agressive terrain and 1/3 of the time with the boys pushing it a little harder. Not quite as fleet afoot as I once was, so would like something that can be a bit nimble, but still handle speed. Always been on 200+, so thinking on the 175-185 range depending on the ski. Probably going to buy demo set or off ebay or the like (funding 4 skiiers takes its toll).

Thanks for any input.
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No problem. You are looking for a 70/30 on / off piste ski with enough stiffness to handle your weight, and tolerance for slipping a turn and enough width for western conditions. You'll be happier backing down from a demanding race bred ski. In the skis listed here, the second one is a wider version and will be better if you want to amp up off-piste, and these tend to drift to the wide side.

Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous or Afterburner, Fischer AMC 79 or Watea 84, Dynastar Legend, 8000 or 8800, Atomic Snoop Daddy, Volkl Bridge.

Just out of curiosity, what are you on now?
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Thanks for the reply; I had 2 of your 8 on my now growing list. Something tells me I might be demo-ing all year, which might be just as well. To answer your question I have old straight rossi 4sv's and some Cut 9.9's. I trot out the 4sv's most often because I still love the neon.
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Watch SAC today. They've already had the 8000's up for sale for $260ish
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Here's your silver bullet, buy them so I don't.
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Someone on epic has a pair of RX8 180's for sale, they would suit you well.
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