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Breckenridge - I-70 or 285???

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We are arriving at DIA Sunday morning the 23rd. I have seen all sorts of horror posts about I-70 on the weekend and was wondering if 285 to 9 is a reasonable alternative to Breckenridge? Also, how do you find out leaving the airport what the status of I-70 through the tunnel is before you commit to going that way?
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Road conditions: 970-668-1090

Go via I-70. 285 is definitely more scenic, but really it's not going to save time. I don't think it's worth the hassle. However, if you'd like to stop at the Southpark Saloon in Alma, then it's worth it.
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Assuming you're not getting in at 5am traffic later on Sunday will be going the other direction.
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^^^Yep. Take I70. Sunday westbound traffic is not nearly as bad as the day before. Unless there is a major accident, avalanche, Elk crossing splatfest, it should be a pretty quick drive for you...
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Thanks, I didn't know if that being the start of the Christmas holiday might make Sunday bad also.
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