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**I am not an expert ski tester, just my thoughts on this ski

About me: 26 year old, 165 lb, lifetime skier
Current ski: 06 Volkl Allstar
Mountain: Gore (NY)

I tested the Racetiger GS titanium (non racestock) in a 170 for 4 runs, all groomers. This ski was VERY stable at high speeds. It felt somewhat forgiving too for a stiff ski. I had trouble getting comfortable in establishing a great edge on them, it was more of a confidence issue on these skis, but that could be a personal problem rather than a problem with the skis. My main complaint was that effective short turns were not an option, but that isn't surprising given the fact that it is a 17.8m radius ski.

Seems like a good ski for speed junkies that aren't concerned with ski versatility. That isn't a problem for people who bring multiple skis to a mountain with them. I really needed some more time with the ski to get the most out of it.