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Hi everyone.

My fiance and I are getting married right after New Years, and are planning a 3-nights mini-honeymoon to Vermont before getting back to work.
We booked a nice B&B in Warren, VT, and later saw that it was right on the edge of the Sugarbush resort.

My fiance wants to try cross country skiing and snowshoeing which we understand is decent there and have never done before (can anyone confirm?)

However, she also agreed to try alpine skiing for the first time. The problem here is that with the rain in PA, we probably won't get to try a local resort until we actually get to VT, so that would be her absolute first skiing experience.

I know that it's not ideal, especially compared to the great beginner trails in Killington and in Stowe (would have loved to try the 5km trail). However, neither of us is a fan of winter driving so we'd rather avoid making the daytrips there if we're already in Warren.

So the question is: can either sugarbush or nearby mad-river-glen
offer her a positive first-skiing experience? Are the beginner trails really beginner level there and do they have any real length to them? Is the place and the ski school beginner friendly at all?

Also, how hard are the intermediate slopes compared to other places? I considered myself a low-intermediate but that's in PA terms, I'm probably on the upper side of beginner there. My turns are a strange breed, especially on my new skis (I upgraded from a 150 to a 160, and seem to have lost control of my skis).

Any help would be appreciated (as well as tips about the area).