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Targhee questions

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I'll be in Jackson all next week and getting some Targhee at least twice, never been to Targhee. Anybody care to offer guidance on the little items that can improve a day. Where to park, location of locker facilities at base (if any), when does the Sacajawea lift open ?? Any other guidance for a Targhee newbie appreciated...
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Don't Know

My son and I will be there Mon - Wed next week also for the first time. According to Targhee's website, they opened Sacajawea today, for 100% open (at least lift served). Don't know if Cat skiing is open yet or not.
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Skiing's good right now. A few rocks, but nothing major. Some chocolate chips on some of the traverses. Bring rock and good skis. Start off on rock skis and then switch to good skis once you have identified where things are at.

Where to park - close as you can. The farthest I've ever parked on the busiest day ever (a free ski day) was about 250 yards from the lodge.

Lockers - no day ski lockers, but there are lockers downstairs to put stuff in. Also, you can use the ski corral. My experience, unless you have a ski greater than 100mm at the waist, no one is going to even consider taking it. Most people just leave there stuff in the car and walk back to get lunch, extra layer, etc.

Sac opened Monday. Stay on Fred's for now - unless you're "Spancered".

Cat skiing has been raging since Thanksgiving.

I'll be there 12/15 - if you're there on that day, PM me and we'll hook up.

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Thanks HB. As far as lockers I was thinking more of a place to change from street shoes to boots and check shoes. Wasn't worried about my skis getting stolen. High probability that I will take the cat trip one day. Will be skiing the 17th - 21st in the area, sorry to miss you on the 15th. Looking forward to checking out your neck of the woods...
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gregmerz, sorry I'll miss you. I'm off to see Mickey, Minnie, Donald, & Pluto from 12/18 to 12/25. I'll be back at GT 12/27-31.

Hope we get some snow. Looks good.

Remember, they don't call it "Grand Foggee" for nothin'!

If you need anymore beta, just post.

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