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Snowboarders Switching to Skiing!?!

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I ride with a lot of boarders, but I was surprised last year at a trend I saw among my frineds that still seems to be underway -- anyone else notice a lot of snowboarders, and I mean pretty good ones, that are going back to skiing as their primary form of snow sliding?

I'm not really sure what it is, maybe after getting a kick in the butt from snowboarding, skiing stepped up and got its act together in terms of gear design and mountain access. Or maybe my group of friends is unusual. Curious what others have seen.
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I've seen a lot of that too - sometimes starting out to prove to their skier friends that they are good skiers too, and then they end up finding they still really enjoy it. Sometimes the motivation seems to start with "going against the flow" . . . after all you are not a *rebel* anymore if you snowboard, since everybody else is doing it. So now they can be different from their friends by getting back on skis, or on skiboards.
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My girlfriend is getting some AT gear this season and going to ski more. She is interested in skiing more for backcountry, the skiis are much easier to get around on.
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There seem to be a couple different movements going from snowboarding to skiing. One is the boarders who want to try park n pipe stuff on skis, as there seems to be much more potential for progression there. The other seems to be the backcountry appeal of tele. Tele is a pretty easy switch from snowboarding, very similar to toeside turns. Anyway, it's good to see people branch out, and try different things on the snow, and nice to see skiing becoming cool again.

Skogen Sprang is probably the most notable returnie to skiing. In about 2 years, he went from placing top three in Tahoe snowboard comps, to becoming one of the top "freeskiers" on the planet. Cool.
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My wife's motivation for going to tele from boarding is because of the liberating feel of tele gear and wanting to play in the backcountry with that gear. She has a new pair of Super Stinx and is excited to get going on her second tele season.
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I went snowboard exclusively for 2 years, then back to skis exclusively last year. Will be skis this year, although I may weave a little snowboard thread into my winter tapestry.

The 12-year-olds are on boards, but I've been hearing murmurs of twin tips from Eric, my kid. We actually took a field trip down to the Line factory, thinking we might pick up some blems, but they were closed. We noted the location, however, and intend to check in when able. The 12YO have been taping themselves going big in the back yard and I took note that they used boards, skis, jackjumpers, tubes, sleds, whatever. However, I am thinking that the trend is swinging to skis. I am encouraging that and intend to put some of these twintips into his quiver if I can get a deal.
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