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Most Spontaneous Ski Trips

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A couple of friends and I have already discussed driving to Jay Peak on a day in which they get 8 or more inches no matter what our circumstances in our lives outside of skiing are at the time...anyone had any memorable trips with absolutely no planning of any kind and just say, f*** it dude, lets go skiing!

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Yep, lots here. I am a skiing minuteman, ready to go on short notice. The thing is, it often takes an hour or more of weather analysis to really cash in on the good powder days around here -- you know, to predict when a real dump is coming and know when to start driving. And in my case the mountains are 2.5-4.5 hours away and I have to drive through the mountains to get there -- so it's not a simple jaunt when a winter storm hits. When I do it right, I hole up near the mountain the night before, in the cheapest hotel I can find. When it looks like this at bedtime:

and the next day you leave tracks like this on the first run:

Then it was a good time for a spontaneous trip!
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yeah, skier, yeah!
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you got it right skier

I'm on kinda of a spontaneous trip right now on a shoestring budget. In one day, I drove over Berthoud Pass twice, up and through Eisenhower Tunnel, over Vail Pass, and probably 5 hours of driving total and riding at two different resorts. Vail Pass wasn't exactly a piece of cake - 5 vehicles decided to crash in various ways on the pass with the mandatory upside down SUV. I'm riding epic powder.
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Best one to date was Boxing day last year, buddy phoned me at 7:15 PM and said there is a Heavy snow fall warning for Southern Alberta.

We were driving out of town at 8 PM. White knuckle the whole way got there at 1 AM.

Was a good day, we got this as our reward

Click here to watch Castle-Mountain-Dec-27
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When I do it right, I hole up near the mountain the night before, in the cheapest hotel I can find.
It's actually easier on the east coast than on CA, I found. Because the storm "usually" comes in from the west. It's really hard to beat the storm over the mountain pass yet not waste too much time waiting for the storm to hit. Also, weather forecast is a bit more reliable by the time it moves near the east. It's been over land for the past couple days!

I had the devil's luck with arriving the day before storm last year. None of them planned, of course. I was at Killington when the Valentine storm hit. Was there again when the next snow fall came. Was there again one day before the Alps gets their big storms in March...

I should have bought some lotto tickets!
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Most spontaneous ski trip I ever took is documented in this thread:
A-Basin on an Impulse
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If you are relying on luck you won't get much deep powder skiing. You've always got to be ready to make a quick strike when it snows big somewhere close. My wife and I have had a standard policy for years of no appointments on Thurs. afternoons or Fridays in the winter. We never know when we might have to make an emergency 6 hr. trip to Alta/Snowbird for 3 days of deep powder.

Rule #1: You can't get dumped on at Alta (or fill in your preference), if you're not at Alta. We constantly run into people on the chair at Alta that woke up on the east cost, took a 5:00 am flight and are skiing the afternoon in 2 feet of new. I can almost guarantee that when you pull one of those spontaneous trips you are never sorry.
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